SampleTank for iOS

SampleTank for iOS

IK Multimedia has introduced SampleTank for IOS – the mobile version of IK’s SampleTank for Mac and PC.

It is a 4-part multi-timbral instrument with a sound set of over 1 GB of samples for over 500 acoustic, electric and electronic instruments (including a selection of the workstation sounds from SampleTank, orchestral sounds from Miroslav Philharmonik and synths sounds from SampleMoog) plus a selection of over 1,000 melodic and rhythmic patterns that span every musical genre.

SampleTank includes 20 insert effects that can be applied to each individual instrument (up to 4 insert effects per part). These effects continue in the IK tradition started by T-RackS and AmpliTube by providing the best models of classic and modern analog and digital outboard gear: AM Modulation, Auto Pan, Channel Strip, Chorus, Compressor, Crusher, Filter, Flanger, FM Modulation, Guitar Amp, Lo-Fi, Multi Chorus, Overdrive, Parametric EQ, Phaser, Phonograph, Rotary Speaker, Slicer, Tremolo and Wah Wah.

SampleTank also includes a master send effect for applying reverb or delay to all of your instruments. Choose from Delay, Reverb, Reverb Delay and Spring Reverb.


  • 4-part multi-timbral live sound module
  • 1GB on-board sound library with 500 instruments in 20 categories
  • Huge selection of melodic and rhythmic patterns for accompaniment or groove creation
  • Choose from 20 insert FX with 4 available insert FX per part
  • Master send effect for reverb and delay
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive mobile interface
  • Dedicated performance and editing windows
  • Designed in concert with iRig MIDI interface for iOS devices


  • Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4th and 3rg generation, iPad 2 and iPad
  • Compatible with iOS 4.2 and newer

SampleTank for iOS is available now for $9.99. A free version is also available.

10 thoughts on “SampleTank for iOS

  1. I wonder how it will do at that price point. i'm someone who thinks that value on many of these apps is outstanding, even at $29.99. I predict little traction in the market at that price though.

  2. Something fishy about the reported price. I bet the $70 includes iRig. From the iRig article posted just below:

    "The **included*** SampleTank for iOS also offers a mobile alternative to traditional software and hardware sound modules."

    "IK Multimedia iRig MIDI is ‘coming soon’ and will sell for **US $69.99.**"

  3. why fishy? i think it is ridiculously cheap compared to the big version for 230 $… if this has the same sound quality and will work with no latency, it might be a professional sound module for 1/20th of a price of, say, a yamaha motif rack (plus the ipad of course)..

  4. Fishy, because the $70 quoted for just SampleTank for iOS is the same price quoted as for iRig which **includes** SampleTank for iOS. Therefore, my guess is that’s actually cheaper than what’s stated here.

    1. It’s out now, and the way they’ve priced this is $9.99 for the app, with sound packs starting att $4.99 and you can upgrade to get all sound packs for $39.99.

  5. ah, i see.
    but on their website it says that "iRig includes Sampletank FREE and iRig MIDI Recorder FREE", so i guess these would be some lite version included with the iRig?

  6. I think this is awesome and even at $70 I’d still buy it. WAY cheaper than any of my rack modules and a lot easier to gig with. I could even stick with my iPhone and a midi keyboard!

  7. WARNING This is an iphone app that is double zoomed for iPad (this of course has nothing to do with it’s good sound quality), The piano shown in video requires a $5 in-app purchase, if you like the rhodes that’ll cost an extra $5, if you don’t mind the extra cost and hidden fees, it’s a great sounding app. Make sure your midi interface is compatible before you buy.

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