Using Apple’s Automator With Ableton Live

Ableton Certified Trainer Martin Delaney demonstrates how to simplify your studio or live setup to create an efficient workflow using Apple’s Automator for Mac OS X.

Automator enables you to create custom workflows with point-and-click (or drag-and-drop) simplicity and allows you to skip complex programming that would normally be required to accomplish routine or repetitive tasks.

In Martin’s Automator Script (which you can download and customize for your own setup), one click creates an ad-hoc network, turns up the system volume, opens Griid connector, and launches specific tracks in Ableton Live and Reason.

Are you using Automator?

2 thoughts on “Using Apple’s Automator With Ableton Live

  1. Did not know about this. Now my setup gets the ad-hoc network grid connector, and ableton going in one click

  2. For some reason when i start Ableton Live through Automator my VSTs don’t load properly. I cant see the VST window when I click on the small tool in Ableton. When I start ableton on its own I never have this problem ??? This is very weird…

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