New App, AstroCantus, ‘Plays’ The Universe

AstroCantus is a mobile application that translates the celestial map into music.

In a nutshell, as stars, galaxies and nebulae cross the celestial meridian, they trigger notes, using an instrument and scale that you select.

While the app explores the ideas related to found music and generative music, the feature set is basic, making it less of a musical tool and more of an educational or entertainment app.

If you’ve used AstoCantus, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!


  • iOS 5 compatible
  • Nearly 200,000 stars and celestial objects (and adding more monthly)
  • Plays the sky where YOU are right now
  • Listen to various spectral types of stars
  • Starter soundset includes pentatonic piano and symphonic chimes
  • Hear the brightness of stars
  • The timing of the music is at the same rate that Earth turns


  • More astronomical catalogs
  • Instrument sets from all over the world
  • Adjust various musical scales
  • Sample and record the beautiful patterns you find
  • In-app educational resources
AstoCantus is $1.99 in the App Store.

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