Analog Electronica Studio Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: An analog electronica studio jam, via rozz3r, Waiting For The Storm.

Technical details:

  • Korg ER-1: Drums (through 1176 compressor)
  • Moog Little Phatty: Bass
  • Suzuki SX-500: Melody 1
  • Yamaha TG-33: Melody 2
  • DSI Evolver: Melody 3
  • Eurorack Modular: Crazy blip sequences
  • Eventide Space: Reverb
  • Eventide TimeFactor: Delay
  • Kurzweil Mangler: Big dubby falling delay
  • All recorded via the Soundtracs Topaz to Presonus Studio One. Some minor tweaks and a couple of edits after recording.

10 thoughts on “Analog Electronica Studio Jam

      1. i like the sound, but not the melody. things like this are very subjective. I just think that it doesn’t work well with the image.

  1. I don’t thinking this is very good dubstep. Rozz3r should sell this old stuff and invest in a proper kit like a laptop and fruity loops where can has is to be more effective in making german und dutch trance-step like the exellent skrillex or Scooter, while playing angry birds and twittering a bonus. get with the times man you can is do the all beatles album inside iphone now.

  2. Nice work mate , stick to your own grooves, there are some nice deep bass lines in there.
    The people who have laptops seem to get upstaged by those of with hardware!!

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