Yamaha Updates Tenori On For iOS, TNR-i

Yamaha has released a significant update to TNR-i, the Tenori On app for iOS.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Audio Recording, SoundCloud, AudioCopy
    • Record TNR-i 2-mix output and share it on SoundCloud.
    • Copy&Paste audio files between iOS apps (AudioCopy)
  • User Voice, Sampling, Simple Edit, Import
    • Assign your own waves to user voice 1,2,3. Each wave max is 5seconds.
    • Record waves using iPhone/iPad built in mic.
    • Easy wave editing function (trimming, normalizing)
    • TENORI-ON User Voice Manager file (.tnw) is compatible.
    • Available 3 sample files.
    • Loading the file: From the menu (touch the display), touch Preference menu, touch User Voice Settings, touch User1, touch File mark (right, bottom), and then select 01_Voice, 02_Synth, or 03_SE.
  • Game Centre Session — Twitter, Message exchange
    • Twitter posting is available at the beginning of the session.
    • Message exchange, like a chatting, is available during the session.
    • Can select to start or stop the session from the menu.
  • Other
    • WIST(Wireless Sync Start Technology) is available
    • You can easily make sync start with the other iOS apps that have WIST function.

TNR-i is $19.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used TRN-i, let us know what you think of the update!

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