Oto Machines Update Gives Biscuit Owners A Free Synthesizer!

Oto Machines has released a free firmware upgrade for the Biscuit 8-bit effects processor that’s one of the best customer thank you’s that we can remember.

The Der Oto upgrade, which is available now, turns your Biscuit into a 2-oscillator monosynth, with an integrated 16-step sequencer.


  • 2 oscillators (Saw, Square, Sine, FM, Noise)
  • 1 LFO (Triangle, Square, S/H)
  • 1 envelope Generator (ADS)
  • 16 step sequencer (Note, Length, Glide, Accent)

Best upgrade ever? If you’re a Biscuit owner, let us know what you think!

6 thoughts on “Oto Machines Update Gives Biscuit Owners A Free Synthesizer!

  1. Mine will be in tomorrow! I ordered mine from nova 5 days ago, and have to say I’m quite excited! They have the regular biscuit and rhe new one with the der oto mask…of coarse I got the der oto! Can’t wait! Its going to be epic!!!! 8bit processor and a 8bit synth! I can’t think of a better way to kick off the year than with some biscuit madness!

  2. It seems really cool. I’d really want one, but it’s pretty expensive, no?

    The Moog Minitaur is close to the same price for example :S

  3. Just want to follow up to my original comment by saying this thing is completely different than something like a Moog Minitaur, completely uncomparable. This Biscuit is a toy for making all sorts of noises, some really interesting effects. I’m not a fan of super bit-crushed anything, but I like a good lo-fi sound, and this seems to provide a nice range of tonal options.

  4. Yeah i installed it about a month ago. really really cool sounds but very hard to use and sequence without an external interface/ device. best free update i have seen

  5. I have to say I just love the sound of this in its der OTO guise. Of course it’s an entirely personal thing but when this little unit starts to sing / growl / whatever I’m just… with it, somehow. It makes me want to play.

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