13 thoughts on “Nord Drum Machine Teaser

  1. No, not this!!! 🙁

    Well, yes this, but make the damn Nord Modular already!!! World needs it. Right now world lacks a Nord Modular! Its your most important and unique offering to the synth world.

  2. I bought at great expense a nord electro two and realistically in spite of the idea it would have an upgradable library, they never developed the library for the two and introduced the three.
    It was sickening to spend almost a thousand pounds and then the usb on it was virtually usueless. I won’t be buying anything of this ‘friendly Swedish company’ cause I felt ripped off by them!! It is comical that they placed a usb connection on the nord two , it was of no use!!
    Thank you Clavia!!

  3. It not only happened with Nord Electro 2 and the G2 but also with the original Nord Modular.
    Clavia promised regular updates and new modules and completely failed to deliver. Not really ‘customer satisfaction’.

  4. Wow, I am shocked at the comments people are leaving about Clavia.

    I can’t believe they would leave their loyal customers high and dry. A modular system would be sick.But they promised additional modules and never delivered? That’s bullshit, isn’t it?

  5. I’m glad to see drum machines make a come back that for sure, but clavia has been in the dark for a minute in relation to there past product lines. This isnt the first time ive heard comments like the ones above, my buddy has similar feelings about his g2. A shame really, they are very well known for their quality, but it has been a hard few years for synth manufactures trying to stay afloat. It’s seem the boutique companies are doing bit better by coming up with more niche products, than going for the one size fits all modus. Less overhead means more money for r.d which usually means better and more interesting products… Know your market and your clientel( korg, elektron, teenage engineering, oto machines even moog) and youcant go wrong…

  6. @ Press > Sadly this is real. Updates and Promises are one thing, Bugfixes is another.
    The G2:The chorus module in still unuseable, as it spits out some noise in lots of occasions, the 24bit delay is actually 16 bit and so on. The final 1.62 os also freezes out lots of peoples computer. They promised physical modeling modules (and other) even early on, well those never happened. I don’t mind, but the bugs, i really do.

  7. I always used the ddrum4, never had a problem in 5 years, found always good libraries of sounds to use live and studio. Of course i would be upset if they promise me updates and they never come. That said, i tought ddrum is not swedish anymore but american, maybe ‘the americans’ will do things right 🙂 i actually can’t wait to pair this ddrum5 (lets name it please) with the ddrum hybrid shells!!!

  8. Honestly, I think things like Figure are the future, this looks way too complicated for modern musicians. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

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