Zynaptiq Pitchmap Now Available – Check Out This Demo Of What It Can Do

Zynaptiq Pitchmap – a new real-time polyphonic pitch-correction and pitch-mappingĀ plugin – is now available.

Check out this demo video to see what it can do. The video demonstrates how you can use Pitchmap to dynamically change melodies and harmonies within an audio loop, via MIDI control.

Pitchmap should be an interesting new tool for any electronic musicians, but especially for people doing remixes and mashups, because of the way it lets you treat polyphonic audio as something malleable.

See our earlier post on Pitchmap for details and the Zynaptiq site for more info.

3 thoughts on “Zynaptiq Pitchmap Now Available – Check Out This Demo Of What It Can Do

  1. I’m impressed that it seems to be able to work around the percussion. I’m assuming there isn’t two tracks (one with percussion and one with pitched instruments).

    For realtime control it looks pretty straight-forward. I wonder if there are ways to edit the notes as they pass (so that you could, for example control the chords of the backing tracks separately from the lead line (a la Melodyne DNA).

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