The Dave Smith Instruments Tempest Analog Drum Machine Is A Sick Mopho

Dave Smith and Roger Linn have released a new demo compilation for their Tempest drum machine.

The Tempest is a professional drum machine that generates its sounds using six analog synthesis voices. It features a performance-oriented operating system that lets you create, edit, arrange, and manipulate beats in real time, without ever stopping.

Each of the six analog voices has two analog oscillators plus two digital oscillators (with a large bank of included samples), the classic Curtis analog lowpass filter with audio-rate modulation, an additional highpass filter, analog VCA with feedback, five envelopes, two LFOs and a large variety of analog modulation routings. Although the synth engine is optimized for drum sounds, it can do more traditional synth sounds as well.

The compilation offers a variety of examples that demonstrate the range of what the Tempest can do.

10 thoughts on “The Dave Smith Instruments Tempest Analog Drum Machine Is A Sick Mopho

    1. It would be easy to get the price down on this.

      All they’d have to do is get rid of the individual voice outs, eliminate all the knobs and use a menu system instead, use cheap button switches instead of the pads, go virtual analog instead of using real anlalog voices and outsource everything to China.

  1. I just realized something: when R.linn speaks he kinda reminded me of Steve Jobs. I do not want to start a war or anything, but this is how someone speaks when he stands by its product 150%…

    And I am a PC guy… Soon iPad 3 owner I hope.


  2. If all my gear gets stolen, and if the insurance company gives me a refund, then I’d definitely buy a tempest ! It sounds awesome, it looks terrific, and it’s got balls.

  3. im wondering how the exact same parts in one machine can sound so vastly different when used by the same manufacturer in another model. uness you A/B them you will never know but i suspect that some of the differences are imagined in favour of whatever machine is owned by the person making the observation ….a kind of grass is greener in reverse .

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