Endeavour Evo Touch Sensitive Keyboard Now 1199€

Evo keyboard polyphonic aftertouch Endeavour has announced new pricing for the Evo keyboard, described as the “world’s first keyboard with touch sensitive keys”:

We understand the creative potential of this technology, and would therefore be delighted if everyone owned an evo. For that reason we continually strive to optimize our production process with the aim of optimizing the sale price.

We have now made our first breakthrough by optimizing the electronic components and the manufacturing process. This means we can now offer the evo for EUR 1,199, including all taxes and shipping costs within Germany. The technical concept remains largely intact. Only the time that elapses between hitting the keys and transmission had to be increased from 1 ms to 5 ms by repositioning the electronics, while the sampling rate of the sensors has been reduced to 300 Hertz. However, this has absolutely no effect on playability. Whether it be rapid movements, slow gestures or repetitive movement patterns, everything is registered with the usual precision and converted into precise position data.

We have therefore achieved one of our key goals: to preserve all the functions whilst also reducing the sale price. Once again, we have managed to move one step closer to our second main goal, which is to provide the world with better keyboards.

The Evo was priced at 2800 euro, as recently as Musikmesse 2012, so the aggressive price cut could encourage a lot of people to take a second look at the keyboard’s capabilities. Here’s a preview of the Endeavour Evo in action at Musikmesse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THnq9M_7WQU

12 thoughts on “Endeavour Evo Touch Sensitive Keyboard Now 1199€

  1. still overpriced.. have seen several demos and i’m not very impressed. the haken continuum is a much more fascinating instrument.

    1. While the continuum is certainly more interesting, the one thing it lacks is tactile feedback.. which means visual feedback is required to play it.. either that or you have to become a jedi and master the force, or something. So basically you end up with an instrument with that is only slightly more easy to play than a theremin. This solves that problem, making it far more accessible.. and I for one am glad to see the price dropping to a more realistic level (still, it would be nice to see it half in price one more time!).

  2. I like the boldness of their plan. I wish to see more of these plots by other companies for other products. I think this is a brilliant keyboard and used to think ” at that price I’d rather not but now I am seriously think about how much I’d rather that than my controller keyboard. 2Thumbs up.

    1. According to wolfram alpha, 1199 euros is $1,599 in us money. So I compare it like one of these is TWO Teenage Engineering OP-1s or THREE Casio XW-P1s or 1/2 of a Jupiter-80. Or, I guess, pretty much an endless collection of in-app purchases on an iPad.

  3. I’d have to touch it first, if it feels like asbestos no way, it it feels smooth and doesn’t grind your fingers great. If you can’t have precise control of after touch, this is a better alternative.

    1. That’s what they were thinking of during development. The little pressure needed to hit a key is first of all a bit strange … but when you play a lot it makes sense … that gives you a feel of smooth movements and does not grind your fingers. All in all .. this is a hybrid interface and all these changes make sense … more than i first thought … Thumbs up!

  4. It is a wonderfull keyboard. I am actually using one and are fully impressed! The touch surface is working faster than any other and there is no latency lag or whatever … Also you get a handbuild made in germany hardware which is so special, you cant find any other … And there is that massive amount of tech needed to get this going … I mean we are talking bout 48 individual touchpads in a keyboard. You can all use them at the same time, all working for themselves … 1600 dollars is alot but not for this unique handbuilt device with high materials … This is future!

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