Buy A Roland Jupiter-80, Get An iPad

Roland UK has announced a promo for the Jupiter 80:

Buy a JUPITER-80 from a participating Roland UK dealer, and we’ll throw in an iPad 2 on which to run the newly announced iPad synth tone editor. (Available May 2012)

The iPad synth tone editor is part of the JUPITER-80 version 2 software update, which also includes the following improvements:

  • New synth sounds
  • New MFX structures
  • Vintage low-pass filters
  • Improved SONAR integration
  • New Registration Play screen

See the Roland UK site for details.

10 thoughts on “Buy A Roland Jupiter-80, Get An iPad

  1. could I just have the iPad and Roland can keep the fake Jupiter…..

    Then I can run Sunrizer on the iPad, which will sound more like a Jupiter 8 than the Jupiter 80 does!

    1. Yes…and makes mockery of Rolands own touch screen implementation. If they don’t use touchscreen at all, perhaps iPad editor could be sensible way to reduce synthesizers cost. I would rather have used the synths own screen though.

  2. Yikes, did anyone watch the video? It goes nicely with vintage synthy sounds, but then you can almost hear the presenter’s voice crack in shame when he says:
    “OK, tone editing on the Jupiter-80 is made *much* easier now, uh, with the simple add-on of an iPad.”
    “… allowing the keyboard to get on with other…jobs.”
    Roland, I weep for you. 🙁

  3. The mark at which you know sales are tanking: enticing customers to purchase your inferior product with a superior one.

    iPad hate-fest in 3…2…1…

    1. That comment sounds almost reasonable. What a world we live in, AND the thread’s about iPad 2, not even about the current iPad with the beautiful amazing Retina display. Roland executives these days must be sitting up in bed at home refusing to get out of bed just listening to Tammy Wynette playlists over and over again.

  4. This makes no sense. So no deal for US customers??? AT least some voucher or coupon to purchase and iPad 3 for $100 for example. Why only UK and not the US?

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