Switched On Music Electronics, Austin, TX

Here’s a dizzying walkthrough of Switched On, a music electronics store in Austin, Texas.

Switched On’s official description:

Switched On goes beyond the scope of the typical musical instrument store by offering vintage equipment rentals, repairs, restoration, modification, education, and local access to the international marketplace.

Based in Austin, Texas our specialized staff works to provide quality instrumentation, event programming, and to create a better model of how a music store can have impact and enrich a community of talents. Studio, stage, and sampling rental services bring rare, vintage instruments within reach of those on who can’t afford to buy them outright. Switched On will provide workshops, classes and clinics in DIY electronics, modular synthesis, and computer music production.

Consigning your gear at Switched On gives you access to an international marketplace normally exclusive to internet sites like Ebay. Now there exists a physical space to meet, consult, discover, buy, sell, and trade.

The mission is to foster and expand Austin’s, Earth, and the Universe’s community of electronic musicians.

If you’ve been to Switched On, let us know what you think of it!

Switched On
1111 E 11th St
Ste 150
Austin, TX 78702
Web: http://www.switchedonaustin.com/
Store Hours: Noon-6 pm Everyday!

10 thoughts on “Switched On Music Electronics, Austin, TX

  1. I’m fortunate to live in Austin and visit this store on frequent basis. Place is amazing, and the best part is having an actual repair center in town to fix analog gear.

  2. Love this place, it’s given me a chance to play around with some legendary synths too. Everyone that works there is pretty awesome.

  3. It’s a great place to keep up with random vintage goodies that pop up. Not many instrument stores in Austin can claim such great weekend hours as S.O.(seems like everything closes on Sunday)The staff has been very helpful every time I have questions!

  4. Mouth-watering stuff, but I doubt that I could afford to buy one of the price tags. However, my recent annual trip to Dayton did turn up another Boss Microrack unit for my collection – this time a RDS-10 Delay / Sampler for $50. Hurrah for second-hand!

  5. I bought a Jupiter-8 on consignment through them a couple of months ago online. They packaged it well and it arrived safely and as described. Though one oscillator won’t stay in tune (not sure how that slid under their radar), but it IS almost 30 years old… They were a pleasure to work with. I’d love to visit if I’m ever in Austin.

  6. I have a Bell accordion over 30 years old I live in NJ. Here know one would look at the accordion that was in need of much repair they said it had problems that would need many parts and they would not be able to get the parts any more.In searching the internet for over a month I found know one that was willing to repair my accordion.Then I came across Swithed on Music Electronics.They told me that there was not a part that they couldn’t get and they were very sure they could fix the accordion.These people are not only fixing my accordion they have become my friends and are keeping me updated on the repair and explaining everything they are doing.What a place.I told them I didn’t believe there was people who care about their work and talk from their heart like they do around any more. Some day I am going to go their and visit.I bought this accordion brand new and it played many band jobs for me.It is a sentimental piece to me.

    Tony Friends always.

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