Magellan Synthesizer For iPad Review

There’s been a surge in synth releases for the iPad, recently. Yonac’s Magellan synthesizer is one of the more notable new releases, offering not one, but two independent polyphonic synth engines.

Reader Tim Webb let us know that he’s put together this video review of Magellan for his site, Discchord. He’s impressed by Magellan, calling it “astonishingly powerful synth, with features that will be welcomed by both new and experienced users.”

Magellan is currently $4.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve tried out Magellan, let us know how you’d review it!

4 thoughts on “Magellan Synthesizer For iPad Review

  1. I’ve had Magellan for 2 days now, and I can barely put it down. Far and away my favorite synth in the app store- yes, astonishing is the word. Sounds as fat as a moog, and the tweakability is so deep, sequencing so powerful, it is just a joy to use. Best app purchase I’ve ever made.

  2. I really like Magellan – but I don’t understand why the step sequencer is so limited. For example, I would like to run different sequences at different divisions of time – I guess that old analog step sequencers may not have been able to do this, but thats no reason to limit modern creations. I also find the assignment of effects a little confusing – you can have one set of effects which apply to both loaded sounds, but it is too easy to overwrite a great effects setup by loading a new sound to try out! I think Magellan is amazing – well worth the price I paid for it – but a few little tweaks would make it truly amazing.

  3. I’ve had Magellan for 3 days and it quickly became my favourite synth app in my studio. Cant say why, but the sounds it produces are simply thunderous. Love the split keys, multi oscs and its layout. Seems easier to me somehow. Love it, have it, fully recommend it!

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