FL Studio Mobile 2 (Sneak Preview)

Image Line is working on a major upgrade to FL Studio Mobile. 

While they haven’t released a new feature list, FL Studio Mobile 2 will support multi-track recording – up to 8 simultaneous tracks.

The second video that they’ve released, below, demonstrates using FL Studio Mobile 2 to sample and sequence audio:

If you’re an Android owner, Image Line is working on a FL Studio Mobile for Android devices. Unfortunately, the Android version appears to be in the slow lane, because of latency issues of the platform.

15 thoughts on “FL Studio Mobile 2 (Sneak Preview)

  1. Wow, creating a bass sample and instrument takes a timelapse?! Maybe you shouldn’t have included that… Kudos on the audio tracks, I’d like to see some audio track editing.

    1. That’s just a taste of how awful the interface is. I bought it because BT was (essentially) raving about it on his Twitter account a while back. Truly, I don’t know how he can stand working more than 2 minutes with it. It’s got a lot of features, and is probably better than GarageBand, but it’s a real chore to use them.

  2. Image-Line sucks as a company.

    Everything is bought from 3rd party then tweaked to fit their frankenstein system.

    FL Studio will always be 32 bit due to it’s core coding structure.

    They are milking their new customers with hopes of free releases forever!

    When Windows drops 32 bit entirely and they will, like they did 16 bit when Vista came out.

    1. Blah

      FYI – The code base for the mobile version has to be completely different than the desktop version, because one runs on Intel and the other on ARM!

      1. Yeah, that’s the point dude. The mobile version has nothing to do with regular FL. FL mobile is some other guy’s iOS app rebranded by image-line.

  3. The midi editor in FL studio (and every other ios app) is garbage. Touchscreen midi editing is a no-brainer. Why is so fucking hard to implement? FL Studio has the distinction of being the first app that made me want my money back.

    1. When you say touch-screen MIDI editing is a no-brainer– do you mean that you think it is fairly easy to program? Even the thought of editing piano-roll MIDI on a touch-screen makes me cringe. On a track-pad or mouse? Okeedoke.

    1. Isn’t it written in Delphi which is the reason why the devs say porting it to mac is impossible.

      I saw that they were trying to get it to run in a Wine environment on Mac but I don’t know how far they got.

        1. The FL OS X beta on Wine was nothing special. I had 20-38ms of latency and that was using an RME. Only takes Windows VST sdk, you have to install the .exe’s through the VM. Just a mess really.

  4. I’m just chiming in because I’ve had decent experience with image-line. I have had minor technical problems, and in one case, it took a couple weeks to resolve, but the support I got (via their forum) was fine. I use two image-line VI’s regularly: Morphine, and Drumaxx. I’m a little disappointed that these apps are not being actively developed. On the other hand, I can’t complain because the price I got on both of these apps was obscenely low (like- iPad app prices).

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