The Evolution of Drum Machines, With Roger Linn & Carl Craig

In this video, techno pioneer Carl Craig and drum machine guru Roger Linn discuss the evolution of drum machines.

In this video, Linn offers a quick overview of early electronic rhythm devices, including:

  • Leon Thermin’s Rhythmicon (1930);
  • Chamberlin Rhythmate (1957);
  • Raymond Scott’s Bandito the Bongo Artist (1963);
  • Seeburg’s Select-A-Rhythm (1964);
  • PAiA Programmable Drum Set (1975); and
  • CompuRhythm CR-78 (1978).

Craig probes with questions regarding interface design for musicians vs. engineers, discusses the development of drum interfaces, and talks about how the Akai MPC changed his production and composition techniques.

The video comes from Seattle’s Decibel Festival, where Linn & Craig gave a discussion on the history of rhythm machines.

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    1. I remember an interview where he said that he originally thought synths shouldn’t have keyboards… He was worried that people would be limited to approaching them like pianos. I think it was on the Moog bio.

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