PX7 Brings Classic Yamaha DX7 Sound To Propellerhead Reason

Propellerhead has introduced PX7 FM Synthesizer, a new six-operator FM synth in Propellerhead’s Rack Extension format, based on the classic Yamaha DX7.

The PX7 FM Synthesizer is patch-compatible with the classic it’s based on. Patches from the original are included with PX7, and Propellerhead has an online patch converter that takes Yamaha DX7 patches and converts them to PX7 format.

Here are the details:



  • Six operator classic FM synthesis for the Reason rack
  • 32 selectable algorithms
  • Advanced envelope generator
  • Includes tons of classic and vintage presets, ranging from 80’s bass to keys and brass
  • Comes with a set of new, exclusive patches for modern music productions
  • PX7 does not require a full understanding of FM synthesis—the macro controls make tweaking sounds fast, easy and fun.
  • Propellerhead’s online patch converter lets you convert any Yamaha DX7 patch to PX7 format.
  • CV control of operator levels lets you apply modulation from any device in the Reason rack.
  • Combine two PX7 synths with the Combinator to easily create layered sounds that never was possible with the hardware it’s based on

PX7 FM Synthesizer is available now for $99/EUR €79.

27 thoughts on “PX7 Brings Classic Yamaha DX7 Sound To Propellerhead Reason

  1. Looks and sounds great. It even has an online patch converter. They’re clearly investing into REs,

    The downside of all these great extensions is that Reason will never have MIDI out. They won’t open a path that sidesteps their new revenue model.
    If only a Virus and a Maschine rack extension would exist, I would be happy.

    Sorry for the common rant :\

    1. I wish I had midi out for my few hardware modules left when using Reason. The thing is I knew I was going to use my hardware less and less. My modules are really dusty now.
      The concept is to replace all hardware with Reason. I don’t own a Maschine but if I was a big MPC user no doubt it would be the perfect upgrade. but then maybe getting Reason would not have been my first choice.
      There is no wrong or right when producing music, what counts is to find your perfect groove and create everyday or a little bit every month at least.
      A Virus in a rack could happen faster than a Maschine-rack-maschine paradigm for Reason.

  2. I mainly applaud this, especially for the convertor and up-front library. That big patch list will be needed, because I doubt that more than a few hard-cores will actually sit and labor over numerous operators. Things have gone so analog, the macros may end up being the plug’s best friend, from the standpoint of the target audience. The price seems nice, too. I knew REs would catch on when I saw Camel Audio port Alchemy to the platform. It must be a great time to be invested in Propellerheads.

  3. I love that the video for the recreation of a classic 80’s synth sounds like a classic 80’s instruction video… “You’ll stumble upon something beautiful in no time!” 🙂
    Sounds great, though.

  4. From the looks of it I’d rather stick with FM8 or Operator (but Operator has the problem that it’s only available in one DAW).

  5. One little thing: Did you see the amount of details on the knobs? The way the light shines when you turn the knobs? Crazy! And most people will never appreciate this.

  6. I’m worried that propellerheads may start making RE Synths and charging for them when they could be standard in the next version of Reason.

  7. I thought there would be 100 posts about how awesome fm7 and how NI should bring it back. but i guess not. so….yeah, ni if u read this please bring fm7 back. we know how badass fm8 is. but fm7 is just more fun.

    and congrats to reasoners to finally getting what seems eerily similar to a vst which came out 10 years ago

  8. When it comes to sound, whether it be processing, manipulation or producing then I think there’s a lot of expertise available with the PHeads. For me this is yet another example of it.

    Yet the downside to all this seems that they’re giving up a little on their previous environment. For example; has anyone noticed how this rack extension has no audio in?

    I know this is an instrument, a synth, as such why would you need an audio input? Well… In Classic Reason so to speak (yeah, grandpa Shell speaking ;)) they’d go beyond mere sound. Take Thor; it can produce sound but it can also easily process sound. Heck; it can even produce processed sounds. Most of Reason’s “classic” instruments came with audio inputs which allowed for much more diversity than merely generating sound.

    That seems to be a thing of the past with these Rack Extensions, at least for now. Its not really a shortcoming, don’t get me wrong, but its still something to keep in mind. It used to be even more extensive…

  9. I recently sold my DX7 due to space constraints, and I was thinking of buying FM8 after christmas. Sorry NI, Propellerhead win on this one!

    After programming on the DX7 with that damn single slider this should be a breeze. They even kept the baby poo colour haha

  10. i have been waiting for something like this ever since i got reason 4.0… an FM reason synth!

    the fm option on thor is ok but not very … routable or extensive, and the subtractor FM option is cool but still not very extensive. So here finally we have an FM synth for reason… but like another reader on here i am skeptical that because of this propellerhead will not invest in putting one in the default package that comes when you buy reason. i love these rack extensions but it does worry me…. what is propellorhead going to offer us when they come out with reason 7…i hope a new synth…and i hope it is Additive or an FM….please….PLEASE!

    all that aside i really want this synth plug in but being a typical college student… i am going to have to save for it for a while, if it was $60 i would buy it more soon at the drop of a hat.

  11. Ok… this should have been obvious but i just looked on the propellorhead site to see who developed the RE and it was propellorhead instead…. now i am kind of upset because they are basically telling me that anything awesome they make i will have to pay for separately…what the heck am i going to get in the reason 7 package… ugh, it better be a coupon for two Rack Extensions because that is about all i can imagine they could offer at this rate.

    Propellorhead I hope you read this! <— probably won't,

  12. +1 on this being a nice synth that I have wanted for years in Reason, but a bummer if it means that we’re going to see a nickel-and-diming (or $50 and $100-ing as the case may be) business model from Propellerheads rather than including everything in the box.

  13. I’ve been playing around with this one and one of the first things I noticed is how many “mouse only” controls there are. The only things you can automate or midi learn on this synth are the macros and the six operators’ volume levels. So no putting a Pulsar, say, on any of the fine tune knobs or automating the envelopes. I wish the Props people had taken a lesson from Thor on this- every control on that synth is assignable (and routable). The “mouse only” thing is the same reason I can’t stand using the NNXT. I think I’ll give the PX7 a pass. Too bad, they could’ve done alot more with it.

  14. I for one bought – and enjoy using the PX7. The beauty of the Re: model is that if I don’t like a particular device I can just spend that money elsewhere on my rack – or not at all.

    As to the suggestion of “Nickel and Diming.” It seems a little preemptive to suggest that about the company that so recently allowed its users to pay whatever they wanted for their upgrade. Heck, Propellerhead charges so little for its product, that I’ve often wondered how they stay afloat – have you seen how high taxes are in Sweden?

    While I can see legitimate (if cynical) grounds for concern regarding the Re: business model, I believe that Propellerhead have so far shown themselves to be a company of scruples and good judgement. The upgrades look to continue to add new functionality and it seems unfair to expect third party plugins for free. Sure, Propellerhead are releasing their own extensions too, but R&D is time consuming, there are only so many hours in a day and coders don’t work for free. Think of the extensions as just that – something that would otherwise have not existed if an alternate revenue stream could not be generated for them.

    To the argument that says the PX7 is a little late – I’d say that’s irrelevant. The ludicrous prices that the ubiquitous DX7 is reaching on eBay (in the UK at least) seems to indicate continued interest in that particular 80’s workhorse. For “ubiquitous” read — “highest volume sales of any synth — ever”

    Just because something has not seen an implementation in a previous iteration – seems like poor grounds for criticism when it actually does get implemented. That said, perhaps the argument holds more merit when applied to what would generally be regarded as “core functionality” (an emulation of an 80’s synth can’t be considered “core” I’m afraid)

    To whit, I refer to Midi-out, and with it – the common jibe of “Lol, you’re only now getting midi?!”
    Yes indeed Reason has it’s detractors (and I’m not immune to having a giggle with regards the timing of the midi-out implementation) but in general, the types of comments mentioned – if not churlish – do seem a little misguided.

    People seem to be missing the point that Propellerhead is undergoing a shift in design philosophy – one that on the surface may seem like they’re simply a little tardy in addressing many of the feature requests that have cropped up over the years. But in reality — like in music — it’s all a question of timing.

    You could ask (fairly I suppose) why it has taken so long. But the truth is that Propellerhead rather admirably stuck to their original design ethos for as long as it remained reasonable to do so. At its inception, the core idea was that in a crowded market, Reason was NOT a DAW. Rather, it represented a very compact, self contained, efficiently coded and stable environment in which to make music.

    “Everything in the box” so to speak. And while some were put off by the walled garden that Propellerhead created; oh boy – what a beautiful garden it was! I remember how refreshing it was to use software that had the directness, efficiency and homogenous simplicity that is more often the design aesthetic of the hardware paradigm. Thank goodness for the Swedish!

    Of course more recently, Propellerhead turned a corner with their implementation of ‘Record’ (perhaps to satisfy guitarist types?) – and while myself and many other users found that implementation a little unseemly – Props did the sensible thing and properly integrated it in the subsequent update.

    From there, the “walled garden” ethos – admittedly started to look a little silly – but Rack extensions soon followed and the next update includes a midi-out implementation* that sits in said “extended” rack; neatly finishing the job of knocking down “the wall”

    [*presumably the protocol that replaces midi, will see a similar implementation]

    The update also includes what is essentially a homogenized implementation of ReCycle (yes, that loop format you enjoy using so much, is in fact proprietary and was created by – you guessed it – Propellerhead)

    Also in the update is a much requested spectrum analyzer – and other goodies to boot!
    When you combine all that with a fantastic emulation of a classic desk…

    … Well, I find it hard to see what people are complaining about. I can’t think of any other company that has so consistently put out a good product, that just flipping works! To furnish that claim, I can vividly remember the last time Reason crashed on me. Let’s see…

    … It was NEVER.

    Midi-out, coinciding with the the great analogue revival of 2013… Mistake, genius, reprehensible or coincidence? You decide.

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