The Future Of Moogfest & Moogfest 2013

moogfest-2013Moog and The Bob Moog Foundation have released an official statement on the future of Moogfest:

Moogfest was founded in 2004 by Moog Music Inc., in honor of the company’s founder and the man whose name the festival bears, Dr. Bob Moog. Since then the festival has been overseen by the company Bob started, Moog Music Inc.

Moog Music is excited to work closely with The Bob Moog Foundation, the City of Asheville, our fans and partners to make Moogfest 2013 a dynamic celebration of the innovative spirit of Bob Moog. Bob was a visionary, whose groundbreaking concepts and electronic musical instruments have forever impacted music. His humble genius reached far beyond the mountains of Western North Carolina, influencing designers and creators all over the world in wildly diverse fields.

Moogfest 2013 will honor Bob’s passion for new ideas, technical curiosity and of course will support boundary pushing musical artists.

Rest assured, Asheville will always be the home of Moogfest.

AC Entertainment, the producers of Moogfest 2010-2012, recently announced that they were renaming the festival they run as the Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit.

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13 thoughts on “The Future Of Moogfest & Moogfest 2013

  1. so there will be two separate festivals now? i’m ok with that! heard the mountain oasis festival may be scheduled at a different time (like the summer), which would work better for me.

    1. Yeah it sounds like Moog and the concert promoters had a falling out.

      May actually be better to have two – a big music festival and then a real Moog/electronic music festival.

  2. Big statement, wow……how important was that ‘official statement’ so what.
    America faces another one of theirs flipping out and killing loads and Moog make out they have an important statement to make.
    Gold plated irrelevant bullshit.

  3. This is great news I got to attend the most recent one and had such a good time. Also thanks to this website for promoting it and helping me see my hero’s Orbital as well as all the other legends who played!

  4. Gold plated moogs in times of recession, and we are not meant to scratch our heads at the
    Context of such vulgar decadence.Musicology takes into account the cultural and economic context that music creation is the direct result off .
    So we are meant to ignore the absurdity of moogs self delusional importance?
    Someone pointed out that Moog talk about there ‘foundation’ in helping the ‘poor’
    When there gear is extremely expensive.
    It very entertaining to read moogs ‘statement’. I will get back to reading the Glass Bead Game, and I salute the a political for being good little boys and girls.
    Factory records,Metroplex,Underground resistance ,the idea that people who like music exist without having a grasp of the world around them is comical.

    1. your point (assuming there was one) might be better understood if they were expressed using grammatical standards of the language.

      Also, you make reference to the Moog Foundation “helping the ‘poor,’ when (their) gear is extremely expensive…. First of all, the Moog foundation is NOT the Moog Music corporation. That is why they had to make a FOUNDATION. The Foundation does not set pricing. The foundation is a non-profit.
      And let’s just assume they DID have something to do with the price of Moog gear, why would you assume poor people would want a Analog Synthesizer? People of humble means need things like access to healthcare, shelter, transportation, etc. etc. NOT cheaper analog synthesizers.

      Doesn’t it seem odd to pick on Moog for this? I trust that you never celebrate anything… not a birthday, a promotion, an anniversary, or even a meal, because doing so is simply delusional self-importance. Thousands of people die daily, so there’s always a reason to have no reason to enjoy yourself.

      One more: “the idea that people who like music exist without having a grasp of the world around them is comical.” Then you are the funniest person I know.

  5. Im a homeless veteran and I rock my monotribe every chance i get it out of the pawnshop. More cheap analog and free medical marijuana is all I need!!!!

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