MIDI Control – Now With 100% More Audiobus

midi-control-ipadPatrick Madden of Secret Base Design contacted us to let us know that they’ve updated MIDI Control – a software MIDI controller tailored for playing multiple apps at the same time:

We’ve released a new version of MIDI Control — this is an iPad/iPhone MIDI controller (virtual, core, and DSMI), with support for Audiobus recording and C+P.

Why add AudioBus support to a MIDI controller?

The idea is to make MIDI Control a more flexible tool. You can now use it to capture live audio from synthesizer apps, directly into MIDI Control, and then paste the recordings as needed using Audio Copy and Paste.

Here’s a YouTube video that gives a quick overview of the update:


MIDI Control is available now in the App Store for $2.99.

If you’ve used MIDI Control, leave a comment with your thoughts!

Note: Madden adds that “there was a “where’s the MIDI” rant on Synthtopia a couple of years ago, and that was the thing that pushed us to focus on MIDI apps.”

3 thoughts on “MIDI Control – Now With 100% More Audiobus

  1. Woot! Covered on Synthtopia! We’ve been giving out promo codes in a bunch of places so that folks can try it out, so if you’re interested (and quick), give it a go!

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