Slaperoo Noodle Wins Best Of NAMM


2013 NAMM Show: Andy Graham introduced the Slaperoo Noodle, a smaller version of his original Slaperoo electroacoustic percussion instrument.

The Noodle 26″ long, and made of PVC, with a tunable metal strap stretched across one side. Because the Noodle is more flexible than the original Slaperoo, it can create rolling ‘bass lines’ similar to an electric talking drum.

The Noodle was one of the NAMM organizations ‘Best of Show’ picks for 2013. Details on the Noodle are still to come, but expect it to be priced around $300, half the price of the original.

Here’s a video of Andy performing with the original full-size Slaperoo:

Graham got the original idea of the Slaperoo from metal packing straps. He found that he could make interesting musical sounds by slapping taut packing straps. He developed the idea by attaching a high-carbon steel strap to a rigid aluminum body. The instrument is tunable and can by played by slapping it, hitting it with drum sticks or even bowing it.

See the Slaperoo site for more info.

23 thoughts on “Slaperoo Noodle Wins Best Of NAMM

  1. i have seen jazz drummers (John Morrison is one i can think of but no where near the first) playing the strings of the double bass pretty much exactly how this guy is doing it… is cool but I dont think it deserves ‘best of NAMM’

  2. This is the most amazing instrument ever. And it’s all analog, not like that fake Prophet 12… For me to poop on!

    I joke I joke I kid I kid! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Maybe it got the award because it was the only thing there that wasn’t just a re-hash of an old idea, an exsisting product re-released with 20 new pre-sets or an existing production model in a new colour…..yes Korg, I AM looking at you !!! and Mr Roland YOU can stop giggling in the background, you are just as bad !

    1. Well, it’s sort of a re-hash, isn’t it? Considering it’s a smaller version of what they showed off last year? Not that I mind, I think it looks interesting and I am considering getting one in the future (along with so many other things it’s not even funny).

  4. Though honestly I dunno how you’re supposed to hold the 26″ version. With a strap? Or maybe one end against your shoulder with one hand at the other end? I dunno, I’d like to see a video with the new one.

      1. Thanks for the feedback Andy.

        It would be great to see a video of somebody demonstrating this that has good sound. Getting good sound at NAMM is always a challenge.

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