Aurora Sound Studio HD Adds AudioBus

aurora-sound-studio-hdDeveloper 4Pockets has updated Aurora Sound Studio HD, its Tenori On style music sequencer for the iPad.

New in version 1.5, Aurora Sound Studio HD gets support for AudioBus.


  • 14 Instrument tracks
  • 12 Notes polyphony per track
  • 4 Independent Engines – Drum Machine, Analog Synth, Pad Synth and Sampler
  • 32 Patterns per song
  • Chain up to 199 Patterns in Song mode
  • 3 Effect sends per track.
  • 9 Effects including – Delay, Reverb, Chorus etc
  • Allows creation of custom instrument patches.
  • Layer Automation
  • XY Mode
  • Splice and Dice Audio with Atomizer Mode
  • Inbuilt Sample Recording
  • Export Songs as WAV and AAC

Aurora Sound Studio HD is available in the App Store for $39.99.

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