Arturia SparkLE First Look

Alex from Sonic Sense Pro Audio demos and discusses the new Arturia SparkLE.

Arturia calls SparkLE a ‘hybrid instrument’, combining software and a hardware controller. 


  • Full featured Spark Software
  • 3 synthesis engines: Virtual analog, Physical Modeling, Sample playback
  • Works Standalone & as a plug-in (VST, VST3, AU, RTAS)
  • Backlit velocity and pressure sensitive Pads
  • Touch sensitive FX pad
  • Mode selector – Bank, Pattern, Seq, Tune
  • Bus powered, class compliant USB input
  • User assignable encoders
  • Advanced Looper Divide/Move function
  • Classic ?TR style? programming
  • Real-time programming from the pads
  • Protective travel sleeve
  • Small, Portable, Solid construction
  • MIDI mode for use as a controller with any software

Arturia SparkLE is priced at US $299 / EURO 249. See the Arturia site for details.

via SonicSenseProAudio:


6 thoughts on “Arturia SparkLE First Look

  1. Myeh… very pretty. Minibrute was awesome, but groove boxes that need a computer to work feel like a step backwards. Hopefully we’ll see a Spark standalone along the lines of origin some day.

  2. Lemme get this right…
    You can
    * trig single-shot sounds.
    * “add & subtract” – whatever that means
    and you can also
    * mute and solo tracks
    And this all together makes for “endless possibilities”

    I guess so, if all your basslines and melodies consist of a single tone in some rhythm…

    Now *why* is that old bullshit detector back in the garage humming and blinking n fuzzin?

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