Bertrand Loreau – Nostalgic Steps

bertrand-loreau-nostalgic-stepsBertrand Loreau’s Nostalgic Steps is a new album of electronic music that is inspired by the classic electronic sounds of the 70’s.

This 70’s space music retronica pays tribute to its inspiration – artists like Klaus Schulze, Jean Michel Jarre & Michael Hoenig. Indeed, with titles like Semblance of a Mysterious DreamMind Floating, some Berlin School fans may find themselves trying to make explicit connections with the music of Loreau’s predecessors.

While Nostalgic Steps pays tribute to the masters of 70’s Berlin School synthesis, though, Loreau makes the style his own. The music features intricate interlacing sequences, gorgeous analog sounds and mysterious ambiences. If you’re a fan of classic 70’s electronica, it’s a nostalgic treat.

Here are a few samples from the CD:

Semblance of a Mysterious Dream

A Light of Encore


  • Modulator 2.26
  • Nostalgic Walk 7.10
  • Noises and Voices 2.09
  • Semblance of a Mysterious Dream 11.34
  • Mind Floating 6.14
  • Mini Mood 8.02
  • A Light of Encore 9.27
  • Birds of Nowhere 5.12
  • Sense of Heart 11.15

Nostalgic Steps is available via iTunes, Amazon and other online retailers.

4 thoughts on “Bertrand Loreau – Nostalgic Steps

  1. The samples sound fantastic, I’m a massive TD fan and this sounds like the music I wished they still make but don’t.

    1. Agreed. I know they don’t want to stand still, but the vocals and sax and easy listening grooves on too much of their recent stuff feels like they are coasting.

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