The MFB Tanzbär Drumcomputer


Musikmesse 2013: MFB has introduced the Tanzbär Drumcomputer – a new analog drum machine.

Here’s an audio demo:

MFB Drum Computer Session 2 by Yapacc on Mixcloud

Key Features:

  • Analog drum computer with 16 voices
  • 16-step sequencer, with accent and pitch-bend
  • 144 patterns
  • Fill and chain functions
  • 2 CV/Gate channels
  • Roll/Flam recording
  • Individual and common Swing settings
  • Knob recording
  • 10 single outputs + 1 stereo ouput

Pricing and availability are TBA.

11 thoughts on “The MFB Tanzbär Drumcomputer

  1. dang, was really hoping to hear the snare. I love my Vermona DRM but I find the snare to be lacking so I’m really curious about this one. It kind of looks like an 808 clone, or at least an 808 clone with added features?

  2. I have always been curious about/interested in MFB, but was put off by the small size and dodgy-looking build quality. This looks really impressive and if it’s consistent with their pricing history I’m guess around $1000, which would be a great deal.

    Wish the demo was a bit more experimental and less repetitive, it’s hard to get an idea of teh device’s range…but I like what I hear overall.

  3. Dancing Bear ? Torturing Animals

    Now, the method in which they get the bear to dance very well may be torture, but the worldly accepted definition of “Dancing Bear” is not synonymous with torture.

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