19 thoughts on “MFB Dominion 1 Synthesizer & MFB Tanzbär Drum Machine At Musikmesse ’13

    1. the guy has probably been doing this non stop for 2 days, not to mention being interviewed in a foreign language. trade shows are exhausting cut him some slack 😛

      1. Drugs, alcohol and sunglasses are always a help when you have cameras sticking in front of your face non-stop for 2 days.

        A drop in class/price would also mean a lowering of quality. By the sounds of it, they already have a good balance going on IMO.

        Great to see they made some effort in the visual merchandising department with the dancing bear decals 🙂

      2. oh, I wasn’t judging him, I was just having a little fun and asking the question, I meant no offense…

        but still, I don’t think “doing the same thing for two days” is really any excuse. for one, it hasn’t been 48 hours straight “non-stop” that he’s been pitching these wares, maybe 12-14 hours each day?

        furthermore, many of us (myself included) have sales jobs where we must say the same thing over and over again to different customers 8-10 hours a day 5 days a week going on several years now! believe me it’s exhausting, but we still have to work hard to make it “fresh” for every new customer we talk to, sometimes up to 50 customers a day, so in my opinion, that’s really no excuse.

        the fact is, it was a sloppy rambling demo, language issues notwithstanding, which is a shame and a missed opportunity to put his company’s best foot forward.

        1. Robert –

          Suggesting that somebody is “on drugs or just drunk” isn’t funny – it’s just a lame insult, excused as ‘humor’.

          And while your claim to fame seems to be making insults, he’s making awesome new analog gear!

          I’ll take the MFG guy over smarmy corporate dudes any day.

      3. ok, in that case if the work is so so hard maybe mfb should hire another person more. Because it’s very sad a good synth is presented by a sleepy guy who doesn´t play the synth.

  1. Cool sequencer functions on the Tanzbär, but it’s too bad that the handclap totally blows. Get a mr.acidmachine Dr.Drumset, people! For 808 sounds, it’s the real deal!

  2. MFB is churning out some of the most interesting analog equipment lately (perhaps too many models and variations, I wish they’d hold back a little). If I were in the market for an analog monosynth I’d seriously consider the dominion 1. I have the dominion x and the sound is huge… this one seems to be based on the same engine with some added features, better hardware and a keyboard. If they get this right, it could make a killer monosynth. The tanzbär looks very promising as well. Unfortunately they’re not good at showcasing their tech, so most consumers won’t even take notice… it’s a shame because sound-wise I’m a believer in MFB (not because of this video, the presenter was too aloof, did not project any enthusiasm for the products, and didn’t showcase what beautiful analog timbres their synths can produce.

    1. this is not a dig, but he is german. its not in the culture to be over stated like our trans atlantic friends, in fact it would be rude.

      having said that he didn’t sell it well, and i agree i think jury is still out

  3. I really couldn’t hear what he was saying, so I turned on automatic captions. I shouldn’t have. I had a really good laugh, but I have no idea what the synth is all about. “Ever thinking believe each other, we have to tell the truth. We have uh… double a** and free prints middle eastern section”.

    That’s even worse than some of Rolands promo material lately.

  4. Come on guy¡ wake up, get off your sunglasses…Did you get out last night? It’s not a demo for a 1400 euros synth…
    Tanzbar seems to have a good sound. But 800 euros it’s too much expensive. They should make an intermediate price between the 522 (250 eu) and the tanzbar (800 eu).

  5. Not much effort for showing the dominion, cuz it looks killer but I want to hear more.
    The tanzbar looks cool too, with automation for most parameters, all this outs, pattern length for every sound, those cv gate controls, and two simple synths 800€ seems good to me.

  6. Niether of them are going to sell in large quantities regardless of how good they are because the price is just too high what with all the competition from moog, korg, arturia, Novation ass station, nord (new drum module) etc, This is the price of a macbeth. I’m sure its a beautiful synth, its just going to be out of reach for a lot of people. As they won’t sell a lot, they won’t be a lot 2nd hand either, so always destined to be rare.

  7. Build quality has become too much of an issue. Its rather insulting to have corners cut until the device starts to clatter under normal use. I think some manufacturers are just cheapskates and bad at their game, because I’m sure most of us would be glad to pay a bit more for some added care. Slightly thicker metal cases, retaining collars for knobs and better screws, please. At the factory level, that can’t add much to the real cost.

    When I see MFBs and similar synths, I always think of people building “Klaus Schulze: The Home Game” in their dens. Unless you live inside a computer, your rig will eventually make you look like “Phantom of the Paradise,” no matter what you do. 🙂 Its sure fun, but it also baffles half the people who see it.

  8. I have an MFB Microzwerg that i really really enjoy.. this seems like a huge step up. I love the fact that it has 37 keys (hate 2 octave keyboards). And the faders is a nice touch. Will definitely want to try this one.

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