7 thoughts on “Stylophone S2 Review (Prototype)

  1. yikes, I just saw in the other post that it’s nearly $500 for this little guy. hopefully it’s a labor of love, because as a business, I honestly feel kinda bad for these guys. it looks like a lot of effort was put into their product, but timing is always so critical and there’s a lot of strong competition out there in that price range, more than ever…

  2. Id rather have this S2 over two and a half Volcas. The basic sound quality is much much higher. The LFO power alone kills the volcas dead. Id still love this AND all three Volcas though if only I had the dough!!

    1. S2 costs 350€. Its actually sameish value feature wise with those little Korgs, but more playable ribbon and far, FAAAAR better build quality.

      1. I don’t know. At least with the volcas you can plug large midi controllers into them, and if they have a similar build quality to the Monotribe, it’s actually quite decent. I was very attracted to the S2 until I considered the price. For that amount I’d rather have a Minibrute.

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