Studiologic Sledge Firmware Update Doubles Its Polyphony

Studiologic Sledge synthesizer

Mac Music reports that Studiologic has released a free firmware upgrade for their Sledge analog modeling synthesizer ($1599 MAP).

The upgrade effectively doubles the instrument’s polyphony from 8 voices to 16. The update is shipping in new units and is available as a download for units already in the field.

Details appear to be to come at the Studiologic site. If you’ve got more info, let us know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Studiologic Sledge Firmware Update Doubles Its Polyphony

  1. i’m not but it has waldorf (blofeld) engine here is a review with videos (in italian but you can translate it)

  2. According to the full review at SonicState it does not have a Blofeld engine. It was designed by Waldorf for this keyboard. I suspect it is more related to a MicroQ but that is just speculation.

  3. This great synth is absolutely on my ste… errr buying list! I think this is the best synth that Waldorf [well – StudioLogic] has released in a long time.

  4. Have one, it’s great. The polyphony limit leaves a lot of room to work with. A couple knobs/switches cause some noise when you adjust them (like the delay time….), but it’s very few and it’s ones you wouldn’t need to adjust as much during a performance. The filter sounds great. Lots of good stereo pictures are available with the delay and a stereo signal path. Looking forward to getting more stereo pedals to take full advantage of this thing. I have a Boss RC30 (looper with 2x stereo tracks), makes it incredibly easy to layer some fantastic sounds.

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