Jack Conte’s ‘Pedals’ An Ode To Effects

Jack Conte’s song Pedals is an ode to effects. That’s pretty cool – but his hexapod robot that plays the Novation LaunchPad is even cooler.

Hexapod Built and Programmed by Matt Bunting.  Animatronic Head Built and Programmed by Kevin Felstead.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the video:


Hog Pog Vox Wah Ocatave Multiplexer
Big Muff Memory Man Boss Chromatic Tuner
Polyphase MicroSynth Frequency Analyzer
Voice Box Electric Mistress Freeze Tube Zipper

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6 thoughts on “Jack Conte’s ‘Pedals’ An Ode To Effects

  1. This guy seems to be the real deal now. He continues to put out great work after Pomplamoose. This is highly inspiring stuff. Great!

  2. It’s as though Daft Punk’s “Technologic” spent the first half of a day watching all three Matrix movies back to back and the afternoon cruising Beatport’s electro house section, concluded the evening with an extended jam session through a sprawling orchestra of stomp-boxes and, the following day, decided that the future should not only look dystopian––it should look dystopian as well as provide a smashing backdrop for the aesthetic of current music gear, the industry behind which would surely have crumbled by this future time. And that’s why this music video, in spite of involving an arguably stale musical sub-genre, is fucking awesome! O, and the animatronics, obviously.

  3. Basically it comes down to ….. People who take the step forward, and are not afraid to express what comes naturally to them. Creativity is not something you are born with. Some may be more inclined to do certain things but a lot has to do with the time you invest in things. Obviously there are prolific people, but in the end its the time you put into it. As far as tools letting you bypass certain stages of learning.. Well those people will still be lacking experience in why certain things are happening. Alfred hitchcock Spent thousands of hours when he was younger storyboarding for other directors. And when he finally started directing.. he was able to approach it differently. The Video we saw here with the robots and music…. Is what I consider a classic swiss army knife kind of artist. He is equally talented in different areas.. yet I wouldnt at this point say one area is on genius level. Because thats relative anyways. However.. he seems like the kind of person that could cover just about anything with the same quality vs just one slice of the pie

  4. Definitivamente Jack Conte es un genio, este video de Pedals es excelente, y desde que lo ví en Youtube me hice fanático de sus temas.

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