18 thoughts on “The Two Thousand Six Hundred Synthesizer Project

    1. Exact prices have not been set, but zthree gives of ballpark estimate of $1,000 or so for the total build. I don’t think that price includes a case, and I’m unsure if it includes a front panel.

      I’ve mentally allocated $1,500 for the whole project, and I probably won’t be too far off. I expect the PCBs to be $200 or so, and plan on buying a couple of extras.

      There’s a 25+ page thread over on Muff Wiggler following the development of this, including many more sound samples, drop in if you are really interested in the details.

  1. Instant painful gear boner alert!

    Cleanup on aisle three!!!

    Impending price information to be followed shortly by…
    1-Indignant denunciations because it…
    A- will cost more than $200.00
    B- will be smaller than a real one
    C- will not have “the same sound”

  2. Not sure why – but even seeing this barebones is getting me psyched.

    Has anybody seen more info on this yet? Their site is under construction.

  3. They would be smart to offer this with a super minimal exposed case that retains this barebones look. It looks and sounds like the FUTURE! Well, you know what I mean…

  4. Well, it really doesn’t sound like a 2600. And yes I have owned one for years!

    But synth noobs will never know the difference so no harm 🙂

    Love the project regardless

    1. The ‘synth noobs’ probably wouldn’t be able to judge a modular synth based on one patch in a YouTube video.

      Stupid noobs!

  5. Woww!!! Since I’m a stupid noob and I never got access neither the money to get the real thing, this is really a boner!!! I think MS20 mini will have to wait!!!

  6. who cares if it actually sounds like a 2600! if it’s as analog & as modular [and in a $1000 kit] that’s good enough for meeeeeeee

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