21 thoughts on “Nave VSTi & AU Plugins Planned

  1. Very much enjoying the iPad version. (Although, some (a small #) of the patches – even on a 3 are a *little* scratchy – that may be because of early release bugs – or it may be heavy CPU demand – needs looking at.)

    BUT I would love to see this as a plugin VST / AU too.

    And, if it was $20 …. 😉

    Kind regards


    1. I had the “scratchy” experience too. It was like some FM got introduced somehow (I don’t think I did it, but possibly). Reloading the patch sorted it.

    1. It could set a precedent and could change the way other plugins developers prices their software (like Native Instruments). I’m not saying this will surely happen, but it sure would be nice.

      When IOS was released, no one was expecting to buy an app as potent as Nanostudio or Animoog for as little as 10$ either.

      1. $20 would be great, but I think developers end up pricing their desktop apps higher because there’s so much more piracy of desktop apps.

        If it comes down to paying a little more or iLok or other heavy-handed anti-piracy stuff, I’d rather pay a little more and not have any hassle.

        1. At 20$ the piracy rate would be much lower than if it was priced in the 100$-300$ range. It would cost me more in time to find a good pirated version than to buy it.

          1. And if they offered it for free, the piracy rate would drop to nothing.

            Point being – smart developers will optimize pricing for maximum income, not unit sales or piracy.

            Because the audience for desktop music apps is a fraction of the iOS market, the optimal price for the developer has to be higher.

            1. “the audience for desktop music apps is a fraction of the iOS market”

              Since when? And in what world?

              One would think all the companies making desktop music apps would tap into such a huge market, if it were true.

            2. “And if they offered it for free, the piracy rate would drop to nothing.”

              Actually, this is not true. When I was giving my albums away for free, but marked not free to redistribute, they were still being downloaded via torrents and on numerous Russian MP3 sites.

              Price is rarely the reason for piracy. It’s about things being fast to find and easy to download, without any kind of strings attached.

  2. Perhaps all developers should check with Adam before releasing their app. If for him “it’s useless” then the app likely has little merit. First and foremost all apps should meet his requirements which includes a bargain price, apparently.

  3. first waldorf should upadte the Largo AU to 64 bits. Would be a shame if they focus on new plugs and leave Largo 32 bits. Paid 200 euro for Largo…

  4. $99 intro pricing followed by $150 one month later is a fair price. Its a nice little app. And pirates will pirate it even if the price was low. I dont realy care about the iLok or Steinberg dongle. If it keeps it less copied its fine with me (until my hub has a power surge!!). Nice one Waldorf…

  5. Good news.
    I would like an hardware version too. A kind of super blofeld with a 16 poly Nave. I don’t care for a fancy screen or a lot of knob. Just a dsp box with an ipad interface and an ipad editor would be great. This just to be sure that the processing power is sufficient. No glitches, no pc on stage, yeah ;;;

  6. I would love Nave as an AU. The iOS version is fantastic. It, Animoog, Sunrizer, and PPG Wavegenerator are amazing super portable instruments.

  7. I would also love an AU of this however, once iconnectmidi 2+ comes out, it will be less important for iOS apps to be converted. IMHO

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