iPro.DJSampler ‘The Coolest Music App For The iPad’


iThirtySeven has released  iPro.DJSampler – a creative music sampler that they call ‘the coolest music app for the iPad’.

Here’s a video intro:


  • XY pad with ability to control & hold effects settings as well as dry/wet slider to set effect amount.
  • 16 Trigger Pads that trigger audio samples, with sample names displayed underneath. They illuminate while each sample plays.
  • 8 Effects Buttons: Select desired effects, or swipe left to view additional 8 effects.
  • Sample pack load area for fast selection and loading of sample packs.
  • Free Sample Pack with 16 samples, including loops, vocals & sound effects.
  • iPro.DJSampler Store also contains 8 iPro Sample Packs – including Dubstep, Complex Electro, Drumstep, Dutch House and Vocal Packs.
  • Effects Assign Button: Assign which trigger pads are effected or not.
  • Pad Editor Button with 5 different playback styles: Play, Touch, Start/Stop, Loop + Touch, Loop + Start/Stop.
  • Fast access, full featured, multi-page help area.
  • Tempo keypad to set BPM.
  • Master volume control.
  • Edit Button: rename and/or delete sample packs.
  • In-App battery display.
  • Audio background playback.
  • Retina display.

iPro.DJSampler is a free download from the App Store. Additional sample content, effects and features are available via in-app purchases.

10 thoughts on “iPro.DJSampler ‘The Coolest Music App For The iPad’

  1. I admire their confidence but it’s not even close, not by any stretch of the imagination.
    Still, DJs might disagree, but I doubt it. Lol.

  2. What a frustrating promo video. The audio sounds like it was produced in a DAW on a computer with effects corresponding to what’s on-screen, with no real evidence that it’s the iPad that’s causing the effects. A polished video which looks nice but I’d prefer a more transparent demo to really see what this thing is capable of.

  3. Jeez, when will developers produce a sampler for the ipad that actually has a solid midi. The ESX can’t be that hard to replicate.

    Just another crappy platform to sell in app packs. Total rubbish.

  4. “Coolest”..really???…should we are supposed to be impressed for the list of 8 people that use this thing?…i37 must think we have no brain…dont you think?

  5. Most limited and useless music app for the ipad more like!

    No Audiobus, no mixing sounds from sound packs, no save/record function, in app purchase packs contain 16 unusable sounds.. etc

    I really want the money I spent on the few packs I bought back!

  6. This looks like sh*t, and there is no reason Synthtopia couldn’t call them out on it. Don’t let them get away with cheap tag lines.

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