Roland V-Combo VR-09 Tutorials

Roland’s synth-explainer extraordinaire (officially Product and Marketing Specialist, Keyboards), Ed “Keys” Diaz, is featured in a new series of tutorial videos for the Roland V-Combo VR-09 keyboard synth.

In the video, above, Diaz demonstrates how to use the VR-09’s real-time effects to adjust some of the “TR 808” drum sounds. Other videos explain how to edit other sounds, and show how to use the performance keyboard with the iPad editor.

You can find the full set of video tutorials on Roland US’s YouTube channel.

4 thoughts on “Roland V-Combo VR-09 Tutorials

  1. Ed is always impressive and the best friend the VR has had. I know this is meant to be an all-around keyboard with a beefy central organ, but I can easily envision an enhanced version that’s $500 more. Address its few missing organ-purist needs, maybe add to the synth wavetable a bit, make the keyboard a bit tougher and give it some multi-zone controller options. That’d be the center of a new TONTO for the right kind of madman. If I wasn’t already well-covered, I’d look at it seriously. In a world of plug-ins, I still like having a responsive controller that just happens to have a great workstation under it. This is a classy variation on the idea. I’d love to see a v.2. Its almost a Vangelis rig in a box.

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