OrigaMIDI Lets You Experiment With Tangible Music Control

Developer Scientific Humanities has introduced OrigaMIDI – an iOS app that lets you experiment with tangible music control.

OrigaMIDI is a new type of a MIDI controller, built on recognition of image targets through computer vision of a mobile device. The image targets are printed on regular paper, folded into a triangular prism, and used as a fader to move towards/away from the camera on the Y axis; and up/down on the Z axis. Triggers are also implemented, allowing you to send a command upon marker detection. This gives you three types of MIDI manipulation per image target, thus nine per prism, and thirty-six in total, out of it’s four possible prisms.

This flexibility grants OrigaMIDI enough power to use it as a solo controller in a Live PA or DJ performance, in one or several computers simultaneously.

OrigaMIDI also has a visual counterpart to compliment it’s tangibility. The mobile device gives you several options for particle and special effects that can be overlayed on the markers, giving the audience a view not only your movements, but a visual augmentation through real-time special effects that interact with outside sound through the built-in microphone.

Requirements: WiFi-enabled Mac and iOS device, a DAW or other software able to receive MIDI, a one-time access to a working printer, and a well-lit flat surface.

OrigaMIDI is a free app with a $4.99 ‘Pro’ in-app upgrade. Unfortunately, the developer does not clearly explain which features are unlocked by the ‘Pro’ upgrade.

If you’ve used OrigaMIDI, let us know what you think of it!

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