XILS-lab Releases Updated Chor’x Bucket Brigade Chorus Plug-in

xils-lab-chorx-1point5French music software company XILS-lab has released an update to its Bucket Brigade Chorus plug-in Chor’X:

In addition to a totally revamped interface, this update adds a 4th Chorus algorithm to the Dimension-D, Synthex, and CS-80 ones, as well as some refined versions of these 3 existing modules. An enhanced workflow allows the user to easily switch between the Easy/Legacy Mode (default) and the Advanced-Complex-Deep Mode, without losing “anything of the richness” and in depth programming possibilities of the former version.

Improved and added features of Chor’x 1.5:

  • Legacy Mode
    The Chor’X 1.5 Graphic Interface has been totally revamped to offer the user a Legacy Mode with New Dimension, Synthex, CS-80-like textures “without effort.” A new “VP-330” algorithm, “finely emulated” from the real hardware, is now available.
  • Advanced Mode
    The same internal sound-shaping parameters of Chor’X 1.0 are still exposed in the same way in v 1.5, “but this time, only if you want it or need it!” Project and presets are fully backward compatible.
  • The Stereo Space Engine
    The True Stereo Dynamic Engine allows you to build “spectacular, complex and intrigating” [?-ed.] stereo scenes, with real time aimations. Some people only use this module on entires [?] mixes. Now, for those who wants [sic] to keep the exact legacy sound of their preferred algorithm, it is easy to by-pass the stereoizer.

Chor’X 1.5 also fixes various issues some people have encountered with version 1.0.

Pricing and availability. Chor’x 1.5 is already available through the XILS-lab store, and is discounted to 39 Euro until October 15, when it rises to its regular 59 Euro price. For more information, sound samples and videos, go to the XILS-lab website.

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