DM1 For iPhone Adds Full MIDI Support, 22 New Drum Kits


FingerLabs has released DM1 for iPhone version 2 – an update that adds full MIDI support, new drum kits, new sharing options and more.

Here’s what’s new in DM1 for iPhone v2:

  • Full Midi implementation 22 New drums kit
  • Project export
  • Master track volume added
  • Dropbox & AAC encoding added for export
  • AudioCopy2 SDK update (v2.0.1)
  • Ergonomic improvements (editable tempo, steps highlights)
  • Bugs fixes (countdown & export tempo issue)

DM1 is available in the App Store for US $1.99.

If you’ve used DM1 for iPhone, leave a comment and let us now what you think of it!

13 thoughts on “DM1 For iPhone Adds Full MIDI Support, 22 New Drum Kits

  1. DM-1 is fantastic. It includes some of my favorite rare old kits and is very easy to program. And it’s so cheap, there’s no excuse not to have it.

  2. I went “wiiiiieeeee!” after I updated it. I can literally make a minimal Kraftwerk song just with DM1. It features not just drum kits but also kits with FXs and instruments and if you know how to sequence the tunes, then hell, you can probably release your own minimal “Radioactivity”-like themed album with it (just adding vocals and vocoder). While over-enthusiastic I think DM1 is one of the best drum machines for iPhone. The sequence and pads are intuitive and you can make and hear changes in real time without pausing. Granted I haven’t tried FunkBox which seems to be a favourite, but with DM1’s MIDI, WIST, and AudioCopy besides AudioBus possibilities this makes for one solid drum machine for iPhone.

  3. did anybody try to sync it with an external MIDI clock? It never works for me, it seems like they implemented some sort of fake midi-sync, where the app checks the BPMs at start, adjusts to it, and then forgets about it. So after some time the clock starts to drift, and you end up being totally out of sync.

    1. I’ve tried it, it appears to pick up the proper tempo from the DAW, but the clock divisions seem off— like a 134 BPM actually plays back at 268 BPM. Otherwise, I was able to successfully trigger Logic’s drum machine from DM1’s sequencer, which was cool. 🙂

    2. Works ok for me if the master clock is hardware. No good with software master clocks, but it helps a bit if you set to type “pattern” in ableton, for example.

  4. this is my favorite IOS drum machine. I even bought it for the Mac as well. Good sounds, easy to use, and nice features. However, lots of little bugs. Latest one I found is only being able to audio paste to the first drum in a custom kit. It’s cool that they’ve added another platform but I hope they might go back and smooth all the bugs out.

  5. I love the dm-1! If it actually does sync to midi this is awesome and I can leave my machinedrum home when out on the road. Can’t wait to try this new update.

  6. Found another problem with MIDI: on the iPad version, when sending notes from Genome, the notes often trigger multiple times. Don’t understand why, this happens only with DM-1. Also I tried to use DM-1 with Beatmaker 2… but it just won’t receive any midi notes. I don’t know if it’s the same on the iPhone version.
    So far I’d say: nice app but with all these bugs, not really worth it.
    I got Noisepad, which has a much smaller feature set, but at least everything works as expected.

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