Groovesizer Delta Groove Synthesizer

This is a demo of the Delta firmware for the Groovesizer Arduino-based sequencer + synthesizer. Drums are from Cakewalk Sonar and a touch of reverb, delay, and stereo chorus have been added.

This is a demo of the Delta firmware, which turns the Groovesizer into a lo-fi granular monosynth attached to a 32-Step sequencer.

All the sequencer features of the Alpha firmware have been retained. These include:

  • 32 step sequencer
  • step ties, rests, and slides
  • MIDI sync (in and out)
  • 112 save locations for patterns
  • saved patterns are chainable
  • record movements of pot 1 with the option to send recorded automation out as MIDI cc data
  • random pattern creation (chromatic, major, minor, pentatonic)
  • accents

The Grooveizer is an open source 8-bit audio platform, that can be used as a sequencer, synth, drum machine, or MIDI controller, depending on which firmware is currently loaded. The Groovesizer is available in both DIY versions and assembled. Full kits are available for US $168.

via MoShang

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