Super37 Eurorack Keyboard Controller


Reader Dean Sabatino lets us know about a new line of modular keyboard controllers, from Austin-based Super Synthesis.

The Super37 is ~104hp of Eurorack compatible rails with integrated 3-octave keyboard and keyscan module, and a high quality PSU and bus board by Tip Top Audio.

The Super Keyscan module provides 1v/Oct, Gate, Trigger, and Velocity outputs, analog glide, and a 3 way octave switch (for a total of 5 octaves).

Enclosures are composed of black anodized aluminum and walnut end cheeks, made in Santa Cruz, California.

Here’s an image of a loaded Super37:super-synthesis-controller

Details on the Super37 are available at the Super Synthesis site.

13 thoughts on “Super37 Eurorack Keyboard Controller

  1. I have had one of these for several months and have found it a fun and integral part of my modular setup. My intention was to setup an “all-in-one” that was compact and easily transportable, and to this end, it’s been a great controller/case.
    It IS extremely shallow.. The power bus has a few areas that will interfere with your deeper modules, so placement must be carefully considered. Also, trimming the keyboard voltages may well be necessary for your chosen signal sources. Unfortunately, the trim pots are UNDER the modules, so if you have any issues with a particular module, you’ll have to remove something to trim.
    Overall, it’s got a great feel and a great look. I use mine when I’m not in the studio, attached to my primary controller (a Voyager XL).

  2. I really wish they would make a pitch bend and mod wheel module for the keyboard. Hopefully with a nord-esque pitch stick.

    Really awesome idea… Wish these were out when I started building my rig. I’d also really like to see after touch implemented, and maybe a deeper, angled version.

    1. That’s a good idea that I’d go for myself, but you won’t be seeing a Nord bender on anything but a Nord. Its patented and based on the inner workings of the joystick of a Swedish fighter jet. A synth is a far better use of that mechanism, he dead-panned.

  3. It’s a really really nice thing, I have wanted something like this for years – but it’s ridiculously over priced. 800 dollars. Are you out of your minds?

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