FL Studio Gets Free Remote Control App For Android, iOS

ipad-music-software-fl-studioImage Line has released IL Remote, a free FL Studio MIDI controller app for iOS & Android.

You can use a phone, tablet or any combination with up to 15 devices simultaneously. Use the included controller tabs covering Transport Controls, MIDI Keyboard, FPC control, Harmonizer Keyboard, Performance Mode (Clip Launcher), Gross Beat FX, Mixer and more. If a control you want isn’t available, you can create your own.

IL Remote allows you to add custom tabs and add controls including Pads, Faders, Knobs, Jog Wheels, Mixer, Clip Launcher, X/Y Controls, Piano Keyboard, Harmonic Grid and Containers.

Here are the official intro videos:

IL Remote is a free download from the App Store or the Google Play store.

If you’ve used IL Remote, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

24 thoughts on “FL Studio Gets Free Remote Control App For Android, iOS

  1. YES! I’ve been dreaming of a customizable midi controller, and for Imageline to create this, my dream has come true!

          1. From what I can see this story WAS of interest to both Android and iOS users. First time I saw this thread you had removed all reference to Android?

  2. I have tested it yesterday. I had very small latency on my LG L7 II phone. Everything is configured by few clicks. Great job Image-Line!

    1. This remotes into the FL DAW on your computer, hence the audio is not processed by Android but rather by your computer and so there is no latency even in the Android version.

      But you knew that before you came in trolling right? 😉

        1. Actually am using it right now without any audible latency, but I don’t think you and the people upvoting your comment care right?

            1. Thank you for another great example of personal beliefs trumping the truth.

              I don’t care about your beliefs, especially when I got the thing working right in front of me.

                1. “I said I didn’t care”

                  Yeah sure, you didn’t care so much that you commented 3 times about it. That is truly how much you “don`t care” about this.

                  I guess you “won’t care” enough for commenting on this for a 4th time? 😛

                    1. Well at least you’re not trying to hide from that fact. “Successful” is somewhat discussable. Am I supposed to be mad about this or something? Is that how you are supposed to get points?

                    2. Congrats on your trolling. Best wishes for 2014, I hope your first resolution is to get a life 🙂

  3. If Android were so bad for music that a MIDI controller app could somehow create audio latency on the host PC… then things are much worse than I realized XD

    No, MIDI and touch latency is not that bad for Android. This app should work great.

  4. Just observing and not participating in this news thread makes me cringe…
    First of all, I’m not Android user and I’m not PC user either. My music production home studio is based around Apple based products, I.e:
    iMac, couple of iPads, iPhone and so on…
    Yes, iOS is the dominant force in music production on any Tablets and by the factor of at least 100 to 1, but why on earth some need to rub it in…
    Obviously since I’m Mac user, I can easily dual boot to Windows 8 and therefore I do have FL Studio installed on my Mac and I found IL Remote useful indeed.
    Of course it’s not as sophisticated as heaps of other “controller” apps for iOS, but it’s a good start anyway…

  5. It could have some features like: Browse presets and sample library, show available plugins, insert a plugin in a mixer track, insert new channel AND step sequencing! But maybe in future versions

  6. How do i make this work with my macbook pro. I’ve tried making a network and everything but it won’t work please help

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