M-Audio Intros Axiom AIR 25 MIDI Control Keyboard


2014 NAMM Show: M-Audio introduced the Axiom AIR 25, which offers 16 assignable trigger pads,  25 keys, illuminated knobs, a long-throw fader and an array of dedicated transport and software navigation buttons. 


  • 25 velocity-sensitive synth-action keys with aftertouch
  • 16 illuminated trigger pads respond to pressure and velocity
  • Made for expressive performance: roll button aids in creating realistic drum parts
  • 8 rotary encoder knobs; 1 long-throw 70mm fader
  • 3 banks of pad and controller assignments with color-coded illumination
  • Dedicated transport and navigation buttons for efficient DAW use
  • Selectable velocity curves to match your playing style
  • Includes Ignite software for the capture & development of song ideas
  • Also includes Ableton Live Lite

Pricing and availability are to be announced.

18 thoughts on “M-Audio Intros Axiom AIR 25 MIDI Control Keyboard

    1. Hehe, that is obviously a matter of perspective. I find these keyboards really hideous and chunky and wonder why they haven’t put either larger or more knobs on its left side…

  1. Sexy, expensive.. Hopefully comes with the support it needs at that cost. I’ve found all too often M-Audio has terrible support and terrible software. Am I wrong? Just my experience, I suppose.

  2. Don’t know why they never include audio/MIDI interface into this type of unit! Not only do you have drag a computer around, it still needs the interface and cabling. You get really tiny interfaces these days – could easily fit inside something like this. Higher price, but people would pay for not needing an extra box.

    1. Behringer – amongst others – does indeed offer MIDI keyboards with built-in audio interfaces. And there are tons of other keyboards that have MIDI ports…

  3. These have been available for awhile now, I’ve seen this one for a little over $200 US online recently, google it if you’re in the market. Personally I was excited about the 4×4 pad grid when this was first announced but after NAMM 2014 there are several keyboard controller options with nice 16-pad arrays, finally.

  4. Biggest piece of s*** ive ever tried to use. Would not recommend the poor build quality and terrible ‘hypercontrol’ system to anyone! Oh and it crashes randomly every so often, taking back to the store asap!

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