Guitar Wing Wireless 3D Controller Reaches Funding Goal

The Livid Instruments Guitar Wing Kickstarter project – a project to develop a control surface designed to give guitar and bass players wireless control over MIDI devices – has reached its funding goal, with several weeks left.


The Guitar Wing attaches to existing guitars or basses and communicates wirelessly with your computer.

Key Features:

  • Wireless (Bluetooth)
  • Battery powered (USB charged)
  • Class compliant MIDI (driverless)
  • All-RGB LED lighting
  • 5 Pressure sensitive pads
  • 3 Touch faders
  • 6 Rubber function buttons
  • 4 Side selection switches
  • Three axis accelerometer (for motion control)
  • Rubberized clamp for easy attaching and detaching
  • WingFX multi-effects software plugin (Standalone & VST)

The Guitar Wing is available to backers starting at US $179. See the project site for details.

29 thoughts on “Guitar Wing Wireless 3D Controller Reaches Funding Goal

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  1. Looks like a very practical little controller for guitar. And it actually opens up many doors for the guitar as a synth conroller. I got to get me one of these.

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  2. It wont fit on jaguars or jazzmasters among others, so a no for me, also it looks hideous.. Very interesting anyway and good potential to open up guitar sounds

  3. I have a lot of thoughts about this. The stingiest being, why don’t they show this controller in use doing something cool instead of just talk? I’m always dubious about product demos that don’t actually “demo” the product. If a thing is rocking awesome, it sells itself. If Vernon Reid weren’t in the video I would have written this off as another junky toy.

    I’m glad to see someone pushing guitar/midi interaction forward a bit, as most guitarists seem to completely avoid learning to use anything that has more than three knobs on it. But speaking of knobs, this controller really needs a few. Buttons are fine, and I can see some applications for them in switching patches, turning effects on/off, triggering backing tracks, looping applications, etc. But guitar playing is all about subtleties (unless you are Modlover, of course, in which case feel free to be overdramatic).

    I was using fairly elaborate midi control rigs as a live guitar player back in the early and mid 90s. What I got the most use out of was foot pedals, where I could do things like increase the modulation amount of a phaser or flanger, increase delay times, adjust the sensitivity of an envelope follower, etc. In other words, I was doing the same stuff that I would do when I play a keyboard, dialing these things up and down to accent what I was playing. This controller seems to be more about an on/off approach, which matches what I’ve seen from moldover. (I’ll be honest and say, with no disrespect intended to his fans, as both a guitar and keyboard player I find his music too hacky and wanky for my tastes, but I appreciate that he’s doing something to push guitar/midi interaction forward) So thinking of this as mostly buttons, it seems it’s key advantage is location, being accessible from the right hand. But if you use one of the many foot controllers that have been around for decades, you can keep actually playing with your right hand and adjust midi parameters with a foot, which lets you do a lot more complex stuff beyond simply midi dive bombs.

    Ultimately, if a player were seriously pursuing this stuff I would think they would want both one of these and a couple foot controllers, and then petition heavily for these guys to make a second version that offered more than mostly on/off buttons.

    1. I appreciate your comments from a guitarist’s angle. I just wanted to add that NO ONE who plays any sort of e-music can escape a bit of Octopus Syndrome. It goes with the territory. The trick is to find the right hybrid mix and work to make using it instinctive. I can see someone assigning this to a Roland guitar synth- already potent on its own- and being scary-impressive.

  4. I’m happy to see this fully funded and I’m not even a guitarist. Unlike a lot of novel doo-dads that appear, this one takes a clearly sensible direction. That is, both the specs and the ergonomics feel right. I can see the intended *flow* and its well-considered. I politely defy users to amaze me, because it’ll take a bit of Belew-think some people may not be able to muster to meet the challenge here, but as it is, I see it a bit like a QuNexus for the guitar. It’ll take some real dedication to configure, but the price is sensible and the potential is stout. It doesn’t rebuild the wheel; it gives it more tread and bigger shocks. Smart.

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