Novation Interview Launches Soundpack Giveaway, Remix Competition

Novation announces M4SONIC video interview, free M4SONIC soundpack, and competition to win Launchpad S, Launch Control, and M4SONIC masterclass

Today Novation has announced another trio of treats – (what shall we call it? a threebie? maybe not?) – 1) an interview with Australian producer M4SONIC, 2) a free M4SONIC soundpack for Launchpad App users, and 3) a remix competition with prizes of a Novation Launchpad S, Launch Control, and M4SONIC master class.

Details after the break–

Interview: Controllerist M4SONIC talks with Novation (above) about his inspiration to “[use] technology incorrectly,” the creation of his 4x Launchpad rig (essentially, a 256-button monster controller), and the goal of piloting the entire concert performance — from the loops and audio to the lights, pyrotechnics, and confetti cannons — from the controller.

Free soundpack: Novation has also released an exclusive remix package of M4SONIC’s track Virus as a free download for Launchpad App users. It ties into a competition (but we’ll get to that in a moment). The pack includes the track’s entire drum kit, stabs and synth chords, progressions and loops and more.

Remix contest: In conjunction with the M4SONIC Virus soundpack giveaway, Novation has also launched a remix competition. Entrants are invited to create their own remix, using the free soundpack. Contestants’ personal remix performances will be judged by M4SONIC. Prizes include Novation’s Launchpad S, Launch Control, and the grand prize winner receiving a masterclass from M4SONIC himself. The video at the bottom of this post explains it all.

The remix competition runs for the next month: from today to March 14 2014. All the details you need to know, the full M4SONIC interview, and free soundpack download information are available at the Novation website.

9 thoughts on “Novation Interview Launches Soundpack Giveaway, Remix Competition

  1. I’m sorry… but I’m not impressed. “The first gamepad-controller jam!”? No. “I want to be able to not just control clips with my controllers, but also the lights!” Already done. “Mono-ME”? Really dude? You’re Mr.Social Media Super Star, but you don’t even know how to pronounce monome correctly?

    He’s got chops, and it’s great to see people trying to push live controller performances. But it sounds like he knows next to nothing about the subject to which he is dedicating his life.

    1. Cool story bro!
      By the way even Imogen Heap called it a mono-ME in an interview. She actually used the device. I suppose she also knows next to nothing about the subject to which she has dedicated her life to.

      1. “It started when I saw Deadmau5, one of my idols… he posted something… I think it was a Mono-me?”

        He “thinks”? Huh? What? Without the Monome, there would be no Launchpad. You know… that thing that he uses to make a living.

        Imogen Heap has a good track record into investigating new tech and trying to incorporating it into her music. That is to say, she actually knows what she is talking about. Or at the very least, with perhaps one mispronunciation aside, sounds like she does.

        This guy doesn’t. They’re making it sound like he’s discovering all this new, genius shit. Moldover has been doing the “OOooh the possibilities!” shtick for over 5 years now. And since you’ve ignored my other points, I will re-iterate them. It’s not *just* the pronounciation: NO this isn’t the first time someone used a video game controller as a midi/osc/music controller. YES people use MIDI to coordinate their lights with their music already. You’re reading Synthtopia- you surely know this, too. I feel like this would be common knowledge for our crowd.

        It’s either disingenuous hype to make it “magical”, or he really is that clueless or disconnected. Neither are commendable, and bury the lead anyways. He is proficiently playing a 256 button grid. That’s nuts. Focus on that, and don’t make him look like an idiot.

  2. I wanted to give it a try, since i purchased a Launchpad few days ago, but i cannot participate because i dont have an Ipad…. :-(. It would be nice to share a Drums rack or the samples for Windows users !

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