Aria Violinist – A Virtual Violin For Kontakt


Aria Sounds has introduced Aria Violinist, a new solo violin instrument for Kontakt,

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Like the cello sound we previously released, we have once again worked with a world class violinist, getting the perfect tone and massive range right into the highest but still crystal clear notes. The vibrato in the samples was also planned in such a way that it gives an extra human level, but isn’t controlled by software, allowing it to breathe more like a real instrument rather than sound like a ‘Kontakt instrument’.

Here’s a video demo:

Here’s an official audio demo:


  • 3 Dynamic levels with alternating up and down bowing for ultra natural sound
  • True specifically recorded legato intervals between notes, also programmed for maximum playability
  • Staccato and legato playability
  • Crossfading dynamics via mod wheel or MIDI CC1
  • This violin Kontakt instrument was recorded in the same brilliant hall as their solo cellist, so it works together seamlessly with the cello.

Note: The full version of Kontakt 5 or above is required to run this software. It will not run on the free version of Kontakt player.

Aria Violin is priced at £30, with an introductory price of £15. See the Aria site for details.

9 thoughts on “Aria Violinist – A Virtual Violin For Kontakt

  1. This is seriously getting into ‘uncanny valley’ territory.

    You can tell pretty quickly that it’s not a real violinist, but I can see this sounding great in the right hands, especially in a mix.

  2. To be fair, short staccato performances are the easiest things to mock up with string samples. Curious to see this attempt a really expressive dynamic performance, so far I’m still skeptical of this surpassing any of the other bajillion solo violin patches

  3. edit: didn’t see the soundcloud link. Listened to it, immediately noticed there is no legato… so yea that puts this behind pretty much every other recent release lol

    1. There is legato, it just isn’t as blown out as in most instruments, it’s subtle. Listen to a real recording and you don’t hear those legato transitions jump out at you like they do in a lot of sampled instruments. I guess it’s one extreme and another, probably someone still needs to find a better balance between the two.

  4. Being shut out of some things because I don’t need or want to use Kontakt is creatively inspiring. Its led me to find some great analogs of many of those sounds from elsewhere and broadened my palette. I’ve also ended up programming more to shape various sounds, so those chops get some polish as well. I’d buy a lot more sound banks if the Player version wasn’t so rarely applied. Its amusing to see what I have gained by selective avoidance, because every decision I’ve made was still ultimately synthesis. Its just the mental kind you take on before you turn on your gear. Its a sweet violin, too, but I already have a whopping library. I’ll make do. 😛

  5. Anyone else purchase this, install it in Kontakt 5 and get an error that three files are missing?


    these files are supposed to be in the ARIA Violinist/ARIA Violinist Samples folder.

    If I “skip missing” when loading, I get most of ever everything but there are obviously some notes missing.


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