Patch Morpher Updated With Enhanced Patch Generator, More Synths

Jazzman Ltd is back with an update to its Patch Morpher app, which works as a patch generator, editor, librarian and an interactive performance tool for synthesizers.

Patch Morpher 2 introduces some major new features. In addition to the four new synths supported, it includes some powerful enhancements to the patch generator, which give the user a lot more control.

Richard Meyer, developer of Patch Morpher, says, “Users can also now ‘morph’ each section independently: pitch, tone, filter, envelopes, effects, etc. Combined with the ‘Nearest’ option in the Patch Generator, it now possible to copy entire parameter sections form your favorite patches to mix and match how you please.”

The full list of new features are:

  • Patch_Morpher_2_Pulse2Support for 4 new synths: Access Virus TI, Waldorf Blofeld and Pulse 2, Dave Smith Mopho
  • “Significantly enhanced” patch generator with independent control of each parameter group, as well as many additional or refined options to control filter and effect types, filter routings, oscillators types etc.
  • Auto-layout and locking of patches on the screen, so you can “maximize your real-estate” and don’t have to move things around during performance.
  • Sharper graphics throughout to match each synth, and performance improvements.
  • Supports all the new features in the latest Prophet 12 OS, including the new step sequencer and the filters on the delay lines.
  • Updated with “many user requests,” such as the ability to play the keyboard to enter step sequences on the DSI synths.

Meyer adds, “Overall this is a much more refined application with a lot more functionality, and I think it keeps its innovative edge.”

Pricing and Availability

Patch Morpher 2 is a free iOS application, available via the iTunes app store. Additional features are available through in-app purchase.

20 thoughts on “Patch Morpher Updated With Enhanced Patch Generator, More Synths

  1. Sweet..I’m dying for a nice free pc patch librarian for all of my old & new hardware synths..(Ensoniq esq,kawai k1,on through to more modern units like Sh-32,Virus b,etc.) Any advice?

    1. Its not free, but its so comprehensive, its boggling. Give it a look. There’s not much else like it now. Your next best bet is to dig through both any user groups you can find and the company’s own archives. Its not a simple process, but even if you managed to build a new patch set from someone’s beta editor before it croaked, that’s half the goal addressed: new sounds to tweedle. Finding editors for older gear is uncertain. At least its common for new devices. If you really love a motley stack of gear, this is a worthwhile investment.

    1. This app has potential but has some work. Some graphics glitches and make a new panel can be tedious. The editor could use organization. If this gets ported to mobile that’d be huge. Great archtecture, just needs some usability work. They just moved the project to GitHub so hopefully that encourages more collaberation on the source. I think it’s mostly been the 1 dev up until now.

  2. How about adding the Korg MicroKorg?

    It’s one of the most popular synths of all time and would really benefit from something like this!

  3. This man is a total genius. Can’t wait to get stuck into some sound designing and trying out some of his patches on the Blo and King 🙂

  4. This would really open up the Blofeld!

    I wish they would start to add support for a lot of common synths from the 90s-today. Perhaps add the support as in app purchases? I would love to have something like this for my Emu Morpheus module. Everyone who owns a Yamaha FM synth would benefit from something like this.

    Too bad Evolver support is missing.

    1. Agreed!

      A great approach would be to let you try this out with your synth for free, but to have the save option be the in app purchase. That way we could try before we buy, but he could still make enough money to justify supporting more synths.

      1. It looks like you can try before you buy, but some of the editor panels are locked. Gonna spin it with my Mopho and if it works well I’ll be hitting the buy button!

    2. In case it wasn’t clear, all the support IS via IAPs. They range from 5 to 20 bucks. I’d think if the app is successful, they’d add more and more synths.

    3. Folk, the main limiting factor to adding new synths is my having access to them. I don’t own an Evolver, let alone a Poly-Evolver (that would be nice :O), nor a Tetra, and the app revenues do not justify purchasing even one of these synths. So although it would probably only take a few days to add & test a well-documented synth it’s unlikely to happen until somebody cares to lend me one.

      An alternative would be to post the API on GitHub for folk to code against, or the whole app, which I’ll think about over time.


      PS: I’m based in London as it says in the video :O)

  5. Hi there, software developer guy here. I’m really interested in this concept. I’ve been writing code for a number of years now and know mostly how to go about doing what he is doing (generating random settings for each of the parameters, not change them unless you want another random patch, store the data) but I have no clue how to implement that into something that can send midi data, although I am doing some research on that at the moment. Once I have that figured out, I could get something like this compiled and running, and would be more than happy to take requests for VERY BASIC GUI settings for your synths. If you are interested, simply drop a means of contact and I’ll message you. Also, if you have any information about said MIDI programming, I would really appreciate any guidance. Also, I think there are some MIDI or even max for live devices that do this, if you use Ableton.

      1. there are synth editors on max – and i have seen some randomize features included as well.
        I adapted one for use with my old Boss FX unit…
        simple max GUI and the knobs are just hardcoded to send specific midi CC’s.

  6. It REALLY is a brilliant idea and the ‘panels’ for synths as IAPs don’t cost too much either which is great. But I think the Dev really needs a community behind this developing for other synths (like TB Midi Stuff has). The chap can’t be expected to have ever synth I’d like and if a community grew around it, it could be a central hub for editing/randomizing/patch storage for everything! Not sure how he would build a community but it’s going to be slow progress for this app without one IMHO. Brilliant concept and something that is sadly lacking in the synth world!

  7. Agree, the only way I can get a lot of synths added is to get more developers involved.

    I think people may not appreciate how much interaction there is between what parameters are available & the synth’s architecture, to then generate usable patches as opposed to silence or random noise.

    The app is now mature enough content-wise that adding new synths doesn’t require heart surgery, although some SysEx formats can be quite complex (which is why I haven’t done the MicroKorg as yet for example – it’s just more work than it’s worth).

    Interested in any ideas on how to achieve going OpenSource and still retain some of the (teeny) revenue!


    1. With this software is it possible to play midi into the synth through a 5 pin midi and still be controlling the patch through the usb midi port on the blofeld? I am really excited to have a useable patch editor but haven’t had the time yet to see if I can get that to work.

  8. Going to be buying your Prophet 8 IAP, regardless ! ???? As it’s the rage this weekend, I’m forced to ask : will there be any Black Friday, holiday prices? Thanks for your development anyhow…????

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