Surreal Machines Releases Dub Machines Delay Effects

Surreal Machines,a new company co-founded by Ableton’s Matt Jackson and collaborator Pete Dowling, has released Dub Machines – Analog Echoes in Live, a new pack of two Max for Live delay effects, Magnetic and Diffuse.

Dub_Machines_magneticModeled on classic tape-echo machines, Magnetic features multiple physical tape models and three virtual tape heads to choose from. Using convolution reverb, impulse responses from a variety of classic reverbs and machine noises are also available.

Dub Machines’ developers say, “Whether you want shimmering, Pink Floyd-style echos, or a building, wobbly feedback tail reminiscent of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Magnetic is a capable beast.”

Dub_Machines_diffuseStraddling a line between delay and reverb, Diffuse features a “sophisticated” feedback network for small tight spaces or long, lush, swells. With up to 150% feedback and a special “pump” effect, Diffuse is a beautiful tool for sound sculpture.

Diffuse gives the user extensive control over smearing, echoes and dampening and features plenty of the “non-linearities” and smooth tape style delay changes of hardware. As with Magnetic, all relevant parameters can be tweaked directly in the device interface.

Pricing and Availability. Surreal Machines’ Dub Machines is available for $39 US via the Ableton website. Dub Machines requires Ableton Live 9.0.1 and Max for Live.

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