Akai iMPC Pro Real-Time Sound Shaping

This video, via Retronyms, is the latest in their previews of the upcoming Akai Pro iMPC Pro music production center application.

This video takes a look at real-time sound shaping, envelopes, pad parameters and FX in iMPC Pro, Program mode.

Note: iMPC Pro is currently in development, so features are subject to change. Pricing and availability are to be announced.

11 thoughts on “Akai iMPC Pro Real-Time Sound Shaping

  1. theoretically there’s still nothing that can’t be done with beatmaker. but the distortion sounds great, filters are better as well. maybe this is gonna be a great app…

  2. This is looking good. As long as they don’t cripple this to protect their hardware MPCs, it should have a lot of promise.

    I’ll be interested to see if this will have any workflows integrated with MPC hardware and also with DAWs.

  3. While I STILL don’t trust AKAI… Retronyms has a pretty good track record, and I’m genuinely impressed with the these teasers.

    Beatmaker still is the best thing out there imo, but this looks like more fun.

    If AKAI really wanted to impress me, they would release a companion hardware i/o case for the ipad, specifically tailored to the new app.

    Give us an interface with MINIMUM 3 stereo outs, 2 TRS 1/4″ inputs, a midi in, and at LEAST 2 midi outs. They could easily cannibalize the Alesis dock and tailor it for the iMPC, and sell it for under $250. (I know the dealer cost on the Alesis. It’s a fair price.) 24/96k would be incredible. Every MPC guy out there would pick it up.

      1. MPC elements doesn’t address the need for professional midi and audio i/o. This app has the potential to be even more powerful than the old hardware units. It just needs proper connectivity.

    1. That would be nice – I’ve been speculating that the blurred out parts have to do with some type of hardware integration (I/O routing, etc).

  4. Dear God almighty!
    How many more of these insufferable teasers have they yet to release? thirty seconds in, we are hit with the words ‘future videos’…..plural!
    Once again we are treated to de-rezed features that will no doubt astound and amaze – but cannot be shown for fear they might be ripped off, no doubt.
    A fine line exists when adopting this drip feed of hype and they’re already way over it. I didn’t think I could any less of them as a company. How wrong I was.
    Still, they’ll probably still sell a shed-load of copies, which makes me very happy….. 🙂 see! Happy 🙂

  5. This app looks great! The original impc was good in theory but turned out kinda shitty. Can’t wait for this.

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