Tubbutec Modysix Brings New Features To Korg Polysix & Poly-61

Tubbutec has introduced a new MIDI retrofit & upgrade for the Korg Polysix and Poly-61 synthesizers.

The Modysix is an upgrade for the Korg Polysix and Poly-61 synthesizer and features various additional play modes, a free definable arpeggiator, MIDI in/out, a sustain pedal input and various other features.


  • Midi in + Midi out
  • Sustain Pedal input
  • Additional play modes: 2 Voice, 3 Voice, Polychord, extended unison mode
  • New arpeggiator / sequencer mode: Powerarp
  • All functions are easily accessible via buttons: suitable for live use
  • Midi controls arpeggiator clock, triggers the arp, filter and more
  • Midi output of arpeggiator, chords and powerarp sequences or simple keypresses
  • S/H style LFO for the filter
  • Midi channels and various other options can be configured without external tools
  • Very easy to install, no soldering required (except for one solder joint if you want midi controlled filter)
  • High quality midi sockets and sustain pedal jack

Modysix is priced at 167 Euro. See the Tubbutec site for details. 

via Tobias Münzer

6 thoughts on “Tubbutec Modysix Brings New Features To Korg Polysix & Poly-61

  1. This is HUGE!
    Midi implementation without losing load/save from tape or any other function as far as I can see. Little confusing at first that the additional panel has nothing to do with the mod, that’s called the Polysex. I’ll be buying two of these for both my six and 61. Sequencing at last!!!!!!! Midi clock finally!!!!!! Cannot wait!

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