Erica Synths Acidbox VCF (Polivoks Clone) Now Available


Erica Synths let us know that their Acidbox VCF is now available.

The Acidbox VCF is a Polivoks VCF clone, using original Russian ICs in the sound circuit. It is enhanced with a versatile syncable tap tempo LFO.

The demo below explores using the filter with the Korg Volca Bass and Volca Beats:


  • The filter:
    • Filter Mode: LP/BP, true bypass switch
    • Controls: cutoff, resonance, singnal input attenuator, LFO level attenuator, external level attenuator
    • Input Level: 10V ptp
    • CV Level: 10V ptp
  • Tap-tempo LFO
    • Fequency range: 0,2Hz – 50Hz, synchable to external clock
    • Number of waveforms: 7 + sample&hold
    • Frequency multipler: 0,5 – 4
    • Wave distort function
  • Inputs/Outputs
    • 6,3mm jacks
    • Power supply: 220V/110V (please specify at the order)
    • Mass: 0,7kg
    • Dimensions: 185x140x55mm

The Acidbox VCF is available now for 222EUR. See the Erica Synths site for details.

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