New Plastikman Album, Ex (Stream It Here Now)

Plastikman (Richie Hawtin) has a new album out, EX, recorded live at the Guggenheim, New York’s iconic art museum.

“EX is an Excursion into the past, Exploring the uncertainty of the future, EXpanding and EXtending the immersive atmospheres of my Plastikman project,” notes Hawtin.

You can stream the full album via the embed above.

It’s available at iTunes. Vinyl, CD, and a limited edition SubPac bundle are being released July 14th (11th DE, 15th USA). You can also pre-order the physical version from Bleep and get the download today.


  • EXposed
  • EXtend
  • EXpand
  • EXtrude
  • EXplore
  • EXpire
  • EXhale


6 thoughts on “New Plastikman Album, Ex (Stream It Here Now)

  1. Richie Hawtin, you disappeared up your own arse for years and we saw you hanging out doing those
    absurdly decadent master classes in studio production in Ibiza (?)
    Detroit techno ? a long way from the roots. Seeing Juan at the Guggenheim of Dj Pierre would be worth checking.You make bland music for the middle classes. Drexciya, UR,ETC

    1. I agree about hawtin, his sets are terrible and the music weak and lacking in potency, but the plastikman stuff is better

      Listening to this Ex album now , it’s actually good. Give it a try!

  2. Sheet one was a really great record, the repetition really blew my mind when I was teenager, all my rave kid friends at school didn’t get it either. That old art school cliché, it’s what you leave out that counts. Closer is ace too. Liking this.

  3. I think Rich is a great guy and he could have went a bit more mental on his recent album. The best track on EX in my opinion is EXtrude. I think if he puts more attitude into his next album he could really rip our guts out. I wonder if he spreads himself too thin with all the events he creates, his live show, the record labels, bookings for his Minus DJs, personal gigs etc. He’s a busy guy and to what extent we don’t know, but I would like to see him spiral out on the next LP. I know he can do better.

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