New Thorium AK-24 Bowman Keyboard Features Real Bowable, Bendable String


American Keyworks let us know about their unique new keyboard, the Thorium AK-24 Bowman, that combines a traditional piano keyboard with a real bowable, bendable string.

“We love keyboards!” they note. But they add, “We have always wished they sounded more ‘real’ than some of the microchip based stuff we had access to. So we built this new type of keyboard instrument that responds to bowing, drumming, slapping, and even feeds back if you crank it up.”

Here’s a video introduction to the Thorium AK-24 Bowman.

Here’s an example of the Thorium AK-24 Bowman being used for some rock style shredding:

A bass version is also available:

Finally, here’s a little Zeppelin on the Bowman:

The Bowman keyboard are available now, priced starting at US $700.

You can get details on the Bowman keyboards at the American Keyworks site.

18 thoughts on “New Thorium AK-24 Bowman Keyboard Features Real Bowable, Bendable String

  1. This looks amazing! And affordable too??? I’m emailing the company now… This is huge for me.

    But sadly it’s not iOS compatible… and it doesn’t have USB… or presets… and it doesn’t play itself… no superdupersaw? What a POS…

  2. Nothing against the guys at American Keyworks, but this looks and sounds simple enough for most people with guitar electronics knowledge to make at home. It probably wouldn’t look as pretty, but I have a feeling it could be done.

    1. Clavichords have been around since the 1500s, and this is basically a one-string clavichord. Having said that: this thing rocks! Yes, the concept is simple, but there’s a loooong road between “simple concept” and “a musically useful instrument that plays and sounds good”.

  3. That’s very cool. But it’s not really new. There is the Taishokoto from Japan and the Bulbul Tarang from India, which are basically the same idea. Though the thorium allows bending which is extremely cool and expressive. Love it!

  4. Can’t tell if it’s a cool keyboard, a cool bowed instrument or the weirdest looking electric guitar. I suppose you can also pluck/pick that exposed string, but maybe the keyboard does that already? or are does the key behave as piano hammers?

  5. interesting concept. but not elaborate enough – soundwise and expressionwise far from a real violin or electric guitar. practical relevance therefore not too big, i guess.

  6. I’d love to see the inside of this thing. I imagine the hammers would have to be angled to hit what must be similar to a ukulele fretboard.

  7. Very nice. It’s a little like a hurdy gurdy, a zither and a harpsichord combined. Nicely executed and reasonably priced. Great job!

  8. That airbrush painting on the wall is crazy. Goes hand-n-hand with the rock guitar solo he performed on the keyboard. Yikes!

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