Ayah Bdeir of littleBits On Creating With Electronics

littleBits founder Ayah Bdeir is featured on the latest episode of Popular Mechanics‘ Meet The Makers series. 


littlebits-creatorWith littleBits, Bdeir is turning electronics into a resource—like cardboard, plywood, or fabric—that any designer can use.

Her color-coded bricks snap together with magnets. Each performs a specific function, allowing users to quickly construct circuits that include sensors, switches, and motors.

Last year, Bdeir introduced the littleBits Korg Synth Kit – a reimagination of the modular synthesizer as a snap-together building set.

For more information on littleBits, see the company site.

2 thoughts on “Ayah Bdeir of littleBits On Creating With Electronics

  1. Crazy futuristic white room. But I guess if you command a fleet of robot servants you can make a set like that no problem. It is an intriguing and clever platform– seems great for getting younger kids interested both in electronics and design.

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