iPad Patch Editor For The Theremini, Theremidi, Now In Beta


Developer Kai Aras has introduced Theremidi, an iPad patch editor and realtime controller for the Moog Theremini. It’s now in beta.

Theremidi offers three key functions:

  • Controller – Realtime control over all available MIDI commands and parameters.
  • Patch Editor – Create new patches or customize existing ones.
  • Library – Store your favorite patches directly on your Theremini while keeping your entire library on your iPad.


  • Oscillator – Choose from a variety of waveforms ranging from classic Sine over a massive SuperSaw to a number of wavetables taken from Animoog and Etherwave.
  • Filter – Gain full manual control over filter cutoff and resonance. Choose from a total of 6 different filter types.
  • Modulators – Control how both, pitch and volume antenna modulate filter parameters and explore an entire new world of possible sounds!
  • Delay – Extended midi controls offer manual access to delay mix, time as well as feedback parameters.
  • Quantizer – Conveniently access the built-in quantizer and set scales and root note as you wish.
  • Advanced – Dig deeper into Theremini’s sound-engine.

Theremidi is now in beta, and Aras is looking for beta testers.

Pricing and availability for Theremidi are to be announced.

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